Warm And Fabulous: Introducing Your Go-To Winter Weekend Wear

Want to be comfortable but trendy and still have enough money to get a coffee? These affordable must-have outfits are guaranteed to let you enjoy your weekend in style. I mirrored what I love to wear on the weekends and what I see others wear around town to complete your ultimate go-to guide on weekend outfits.

The Weekend Workout

Weekend Workout

Let’s be serious, who doesn’t love leggings? Not all of us can afford a $100+ pair of Lululemon leggings though, so the $48 ones from Nordstrom basically cuts the cost in half and it’s just as good.

When I go to the gym, especially in the winter, I like to cover as much of my body as possible for that frigid 5-second walk from my car door to gym entrance. Pair long workout leggings with a comfy and cute sports bra and a tank. Boom, you’re all set! Sneakers tend to be the item you will splurge on, but it’s well worth it to me.

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The Coffee Run (…or three or four)

Coffee Run

Coffee is definitely a must-have on the weekend. I, just as much as the rest of the world, can’t start my day without a huge cup of coffee. For my midday run, I am usually just about finish catching up on my weekly reality television shows, and am ready for a break and to grab some coffee with my friends. I live in my leggings, so black leggings from YOOX.com, a cute sweatshirt from TopShop (poncho sweatshirt anyone?) and my Adidas make up my perfect look (and they’re all less than $100 each). I like to wear sneakers mostly on the weekends to give my feet a nice, comfy break from the booties or flats i wear to work.

For a finishing touch, add an infinity scarf to keep warm and sunglasses to avoid being seen by anyone you don’t want to see. Now you’re all set to go out and get your Venti Latte!

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The Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch(1)

On Sundays we brunch, but what I’ve learned from brunching is that the baggier the outfit, the better. It’s our last day to go all out on food before we “try” to be healthy for the week and not break our New Year’s resolutions. You have to at least get through January!

My go-to outfit this winter has been an over-sized turtleneck sweater, a pair of dark wash jeans, and a pair of suede beige double-zip booties to add a pop of color. Suede is very in right now, so if you can’t fit that into your everyday clothing look, booties are my next suggestion. A turtleneck, like the white one from chicwish.com, is your best friend because you don’t need a scarf when you go out!

Public transportation and Uber are usually how I get to my brunch location. By wearing a lighter, but still warm, black jacket, and favorite black beanie, I can always achieve my Sunday “casual but I still caring” look.

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Fight those winter woes and stay warm and stylish this season! And of course, don’t forget to grab your winter parka and gloves.