Wanna Learn To Dance Like Beyoncé? We’ve Got The Place (And The Exclusive Discount Code)

Marien Richardson
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Ever since “Lemageddon” I’ve been searching for more ways to get in touch with my inner Bey. Well, Becky, let me tell you: Diva Dance’s Beyoncé-inspired fitness class was exactly what I needed.

First things first, what is Diva Dance and how is the class?

In a word — freaking awesome. Ok, that’s two words, yes I can count. But that’s exactly what it was, awesome to the freaking degree. In true New York fashion, the class is held in a hole-in-the-wall studio in the heart of Noho. After being checked in and offered a Blow Pop (yes, the lollipops), I grabbed a spot in the super sexy dance room. I immediately felt the sexiness wash over me like I’d been baptized in the Church of Latter Day Bey.

I stretched, let my hair down and got ready to werk.

Our bubbly instructor, Ali, started the class by asking us which Queen Bey song is the theme song for our lives. I got to share my obnoxiously adorable story about giving birth to my daughter to “Love On Top,” which was fun and a great ice breaker in a room full of strangers. Then followed a quick hip-undulating warm up to loosen up my neck, my back, my…other places.

Finally, we got into the routine.

I won’t ruin the surprise, but for a dance that took her an hour to choreograph, honey, Ali had us twisting, shaking and twerking in love. We moved as one to the new Bey cult classic “Hold On,” hair flipping from side-to-side and booties following suit. Even this beginner level choreo had me eager to run home and show bae what mama had learned. The class got pretty crowded and a latecomer (you know who you are!) stood right in front of me, so I couldn’t see myself in the mirror at first. But Ali handled that by having us all trade places near the end so I could watch myself in all my bootylicious glory.

By the time all was said and done I was thoroughly glistening (divas don’t sweat, we glisten) and feeling fabulous. We cooled down with some more moves before taking a team selfie for the Gram. As I left, I got the best T-shirt in the history of cotton. Diva Dance reminded me what it’s like to let go of my work week, let my hair down and shake what my momma gave me. So, long story long, let Diva Dance upgrade ya and sign up for a class. I promise you, like Beyoncé herself, they will get your whole entire life. 

And to sweeten the deal even more, 20something readers get an exclusive discount on classes if you register here through June 7 and use the code 20SOMETHINGSLOVE at check out. Enjoy!

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