Viva Las Vegas: The Ultimate Packing Guide

Cara Kovacs
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Summer is the season for weekend road trips, festivals, and mini-vacations across the U.S. and the world. So whether you’re headed to Lollapolooza, the Grand Canyon, or Cancun, it’s essential to have a wardrobe that’s not only Insta-worthy, but also easy-to-pack into your chic weekend bag.

Stressing about your vacation getup is the last thing you should be worrying about when heading away for the weekend. That is why we’ve put together some simple wardrobe packing lists that are sure to give you time to focus on much more important things during your getaway, like the road trip playlist and cocktail recipes.

Our first stop—Vegas.

The City of Sin is not only the ultimate bachelorette party getaway, but is also packed with summer pool parties hosted by the hottest DJs during the day and night — just some of the reasons why you should be heading to the desert to party in style. Las Vegas is larger than life, and looking sharp will not only get your free access to the best parties (and drink tickets), but it will also help you match the equally incomparable atmosphere.

This is the destination to break some rules, show off your most glamorous pieces, and strut some serious stilettos. For a weekend in Vegas fit for a rockstar, we suggest:

  1. Three of your sexiest bikinis. May we recommend Triangl, Black Milk, or that skimpy Victoria’s Secret number?
  2. A pool cover-up you don’t mind losing (caution: your memory of where you left it may become a tad blurry after a few cocktails from the pool bar).
  3. Flip flops you don’t mind being soaked.
  4. A tiny shoulder bag or fanny pack (because they won’t let you into the pool party with anything else).
  5. Sunblock and sunnies, obvs.
  6. Your go-to LBD. You aren’t going to want to spend a lot of time getting ready when going from day-party to night-party. This dress is an easy (and sexy) standby option that will cut your prep time in half.
  7. That dress you’ve been saving for when you know you’re going to see an ex somewhere (Ahem…use it to go pick up someone else!).
  8. High heels…that you can dance in. We recommend spending a few extra dollars on a good pair. Your feet will thank you at the end of the weekend
  9. A flirty look for walking along the strip or grabbing lunch. (Playsuits anyone?)
  10. Make-up, straightener, your toiletries, and definitely Advil.
  11. And finally, a hoodie and leggings to bury yourself in when you are dying from a hangover on the plane home.

Thank us later and enjoy the party!

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