Video Playlist: Songs Every Gossip Girl Lover Desperately Needs ASAP

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When in late July I found myself in need of yet another show to bing stream on Netflx, my very good friend and fellow 20something music writer, Mahogany Bullock- Clayton, so prudently suggested I watch “Gossip Girl.”

“You’ll love it. It’s impossible not to.”

Mahogany, who had started watching the show a few months prior, immediately became an obsessive fan, and found new ways to fit the show into our conversations whenever possible.

“Oh this is just like when Serena told Dan that…”

The obsession didn’t stop there. She was also constantly trying to make me her Serena by telling me I needed to straighten my long blonde (at the time) locks, and wear pretty little pink dress-like things. She, in turn, referred to herself as Blair and we were S and B. I humored her, as friends do, but really thought she was crazy.

And then I started watching the show.


Just as quickly as I fell in love with One Direction, I fell head over heels for the cast and characters of “Gossip Girl.” I found myself staying in on weekends, canceling plans:


Talking about the show whenever I could:


And getting into very long textversations, time and time again, about my frustrations and concerns for the plot and the characters:

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I finished watching the show well over two months ago, but I still very much miss my dear friends Serena, Blair, Chuck, Dan and even Nate. And so I thought to myself…how can I revisit their greatness while using my obsession of the show for the greater good all at the same time?

And then it came to me: a “Gossip Girl” playlist with songs that perfectly represent each character. Because every legend needs a theme song. Right?

*Spoiler Alert*

1. Serena: The Cardigans – Love Fool

Why it works: As Dan releases each chapter about his friends in the last season of the show, we come to learn that there are two versions he wrote for Serena. One, a nice one…the other? Not so much. He goes with the latter, which pretty much portrays Serena as a lonely woman starved for love. Serena is mad about this at first, but in the end, even she can’t deny the truth. The truth being that, through it all, she’s only ever wanted Dan’s love.

2. Blair: Britney Spears – Circus

Why it works: Who else to represent Queen B other than Queen B? Queen Britney, that is. Circus also perfectly captures Blair, since when she’s in the room, she demands it. Literally, she makes the rules, and you better follow.

3. Chuck: Usher – Hey Daddy

Why it works: For starters, if ever there was a male pop star to exude the same level of confidence as Chuck Bass, it’s Usher. Second, the song gives off the same sexy and slick vibe Chuck does when he walks and talks. Like his Queen B, the man commands a room, and is possibly the only person on the planet that could make her melt.

4. Dan Humphrey: Echosmith – Cool Kids

Why it works: Well, because as we learn in the very last episode, all Dan ever wanted was to be like the cool kids.

5. Nate: The Lion King – Just Can’t Wait To Be King

Why it works: Because it seems as though Nate never really becomes what he’s trying to be, but keeps trying. He just can’t wait to be the thing he wants but all the while remains that little cub reaching for approval.

6. Jenny: No Doubt – 16

Why it works: I mean, talk about a song that truly captures teenage angst and the whole “I’m so misunderstood waaahhh” bit.

7. Vanessa: Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me

Why it works: Because she is so obviously in love with Dan the whole entire time. Duh.

8. Georgina: Taylor Swift – Blank Space

Why it works: (Yes to T. Swizzle songs in a row) “Blank Space” works for Georgina because, I mean, she tricked Dan into thinking her baby was his baby for reasons I still don’t understand, and definitely has a long list of ex-lovers that think she’s insane. But at the same time, just like the song, you really can’t help but love her. She’s just so sassy.

9. Derota: Iggy Izalea – Fancy


10. Eric: Fort Minor – Where’d You Go

Why it works: Because he literally just disappears for like the last two seasons of the show. Eric, where’d you go?

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