VIDEO: KitKat Breaks Streak Of Sappy Christmas Ads With 30 Seconds of ‘Absolutely Nothing’

By now you all know the British know how to make a Christmas ad that would make you feel all the feels — whether it’s with your favorite clumsy cat or a man on a moon that just wants some love. The Germans have even got in on the sappy Christmas ad bandwagon and released one that’s even BETTER than the British ones.

Our friends at Nestle, though, decided to take a different approach. They wanted a break from the “let’s make everyone cry with a sad holiday ad” and made a KitKat ad that gives us 30 seconds of…”absolutely nothing.” Yes. 30 seconds of nothing. Just watch:

In 30 seconds, KitKat gave us a break (pun intended) and created one of the most memorable holiday ads this year. Yes, it didn’t make you cry, it didn’t give you that warm feeling inside, but we can all say it’s pretty witty, right? It’s actually even nice for a change, as the creepy voiceover says.

And if you really want to cry, here’s the German Christmas ad that will make you ball your eyes out.

It highlights the true meaning of family and the lengths people will (and sadly need to) go to bring everyone together.

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