(VIDEO): Kevin Spacey And Jimmy Fallon Perform Scenes Written By 7-Year Olds And It’s Pure Gold

Christina Mosti
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Last night, Kevin Spacey was a guest on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” and he showed up touting some badass kicks and hilarious stories. The two even took an Insta mid-interview:

But what made the appearance really entertaining was the next portion. In case you haven’t heard, Kevin Spacey recently launched a startup called MasterClass, which offers online performance classes taught by the experts, including Christina Aguilera for singing and James Patterson for writing. To promote the company and the upcoming fourth season of “House of Cards” (March 4, clear your schedule accordingly), Jimmy and Kevin decided to try out Master Class Junior, where they read scenes written by elementary school children.

Since 7-year-olds are terrible writers with no concept of cohesive story lines or character development, it was, of course, hilarious. The kids, though, were also told to write based on the title “House of Cards” with no other guidance or idea what that meant.

The result is pure gold:

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