VIDEO: Heartwarming Christmas Ad Featuring Your Favorite Clumsy Cat

The British just really know how to make Christmas ads that make you think twice about the holidays, but in a good way.

After we got all the feels watching the John Lewis #ManOnTheMoon Christmas Ad, British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s came out with its own. This time, it had a cat save the holidays.

“Mog’s Christmas Calamity” is a story of a cat who woke up from his sleep and saw the stove billowing smoke. He tried to stop the smoke but everywhere he stepped he created a new disaster. The family eventually woke up and evacuated the burning house.

Christmas looked like it was ruined, but let’s be real, pets can’t do that. Just watch.

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After watching heartwarming Christmas Ad number 2, let’s put the “war on Christmas” and bitching about holiday cups to rest already.

Cause everyone, sharing is caring. We just needed a British ad with a clumsy cat to tell us that.