Vibing Over Cocktails: What Your Go-To Drink On A First Date Says About You

Audrey Morgan
Audrey is a freelance writer and recent graduate from Appalachian State that has an obsession with avocado toast and pop culture. When she's not writing you can most likely find her sitting down with a glass of red wine and judgingly watching reality TV.

First dates are the equivalent of our elementary school talent shows: We’re being judged the entire time and desperately trying to make a good impression, but we can’t all go home winners at the end of the night. If you are anything like me, you probably overthink every little detail down to what you order. I’ve found that your first date drink order has a lot to say about you. Even though it won’t make or break the date, it’s an important part of the vibe you are trying to send. So read on before ordering your go-to sip.




You are a classy and level-headed within the dating scene — bonus points if you can correctly pronounce the glass you order. You are ready to unwind, relax, and get to know the other person sitting at the other end of the table. You are probably a hopeless romantic at heart, but know when someone is right for you. Your perfect match loves the finer things in life.




This isn’t a drink that’s ordered too often on the first date, so it’s safe to assume it’s a celebratory choice because you haven’t gone on a date in a while. You are most likely the type of person who likes to party and views every day as a celebration. You are wary toward love, and want to live up your life before settling down. This date might have been set up by one of you friends and you grudgingly decided to go, before a night out on the town of course. The one for you is someone who knows how to have a good time but can also tame your wild side.



To you, love is more logical than emotional. The things you consider important in a partner are intelligence, similar goals and a drive towards success. The dating scene doesn’t stress you out. You’re never nervous or awkward on a first date and always remain poised. Your soulmate (you don’t really believe in them, but whatever) can keep up with you intellectually and has a strong sense of what they want out of life.




This go-to drink is for the chill and laid back type. You prefer someone who isn’t too flashy or fancy and likes casual dating — no pressure from you. Once you find “the one” you are very loyal. The perfect match for you is someone who’s honest, just like you, and has a close small group of friends.


Vodka Tonic


Ordering this drink may mean you are a little bit of a control freak. You probably picked the place and time for the date and, so far, have done most of the talking. Like this drink, you prefer everything straight up, no bullshit. The right person for you is one that can balance your uptight personality with a little more of a relaxed persona.




You actually like the taste of salad and are always ready for an adventure outdoors. You are fun to be around and respect positivity. You’re looking for someone with spunk and spontaneity, just like yours. Your match made in heaven would be someone who loves to exercise, go on adventures, and lives life to the fullest.


Lemon Drop

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 4.00.52 AM

You won the biggest flirt in high school and enjoy a short fling over a long-term relationship. The thing you look for the most out of who you’re dating is fun and excitement, but you get bored easily. The best mate for you is someone who can keep you interested but is also extremely loyal to show you the importance of commitment.