Verdict Is In: 5 Reasons Everyone Is Talking About ‘The People Vs. O.J. Simpson’

Nikki Beatrice
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My assumption is that even if you know NOTHING about football and the NFL, the name O.J. Simpson rings a bell in your head. This nationally famous football star nicknamed the “Juice” received the Heisman Trophy and is considered one of the best running backs in the NFL to this day, but did he also murder his ex-wife Nicole Brown along with her friend Ronald Goldman?

The world is still wondering, and even though the jury ruled no, popular opinion says hell yeah, he did. So how do we try and piece together one of America’s most talked about murder trials in today’s day and age? Make a television series about it, duh! This FX series is hot and trending, here’s why:

1. This was one of the most important trials of the century

The Simpson trial in the 90’s had over 100 million viewers tuned in to watch live. One of the most frequently talked about topics from the case, was when O.J. went to go turn himself into the police, but instead took off in a Ford Bronco with his football teammate A.C. through the highway of California causing a massive car chase with the police that was filmed live- a huge deal at the time.

The trial, which lasted 135 days , included everything from heated discussions of racism from the LAPD caught on footage, to DNA evidence such as the famous black glove. The phrase “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit” comes from this case when O.J. tried on the leather glove (found covered in Nicole’s blood) in front of the jury-surprise, surprise it didn’t fit. To this day, questions arise whether O.J. committed the crime or not. After being found innocent on the crimes related to the murder of Nicole Brown, he wrote a book in 2007 titled “If I Did It” in which Simpson goes into “hypothetical detail” of how he COULD have committed the murder-which is totally not murder-y and suspect and weird at all.


2. David Schwimmer, better known for his role as Ross from everyone’s go-to binge series “Friends” plays Robert Kardashian, and it’s kinda hot.


OH, ROSS! A little older, some grey hair, not as goofy — is that you? David Schwimmer does a fantastic job reenacting Rob Kardashian’s role as O.J. Simpson’s good friend, and defense attorney on his legal team. He is undoubtedly loyal to the “Juice” (who helped him cope while going through his divorce with ex-wife Kris Kardashian), yet sources say that he did have his doubts about Mr. Simpson’s innocence based on the DNA evidence. Either way, David Schwimmer could be on my defense team any day 😉


3. The show traces The Kardashian family’s “humble” origins

Don’t lie to yourself and say that you haven’t watched at least one episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s…we all have, but have you ever had someone obnoxiously ask you “Uh, why are they famous?” Well, no need to awkwardly respond with “I think Kim’s sex tape?” because it actually all started with their father and O.J. Simpson. The show really digs into the first time the Kardashian children begin to realize their father’s fame due to the trial hearings. One episode highlights a 23-second clip of the children gathered around the television chanting “Kardashian! Kardashian!” as they watch their father during the trial like they’re children of the corn or something, sacrificing the TV for eternal fame.

But according to Khloe, most of the show’ clips of the children are merely exaggerated.


4. John Travolta is back and let’s just say his days as a T-Bird are LONG gone.


John Travolta plays ego-driven, demanding, fame-seeking Robert Shapiro, famous for his role as Simpson’s celebrity lawyer. His acting deserves an Emmy, but his face looks like it’s melting. It’s kind-of like a cross between his characters in hair-spray mixed with pulp-fiction all in one. Creepy and sad, but one of those things you can’t look away from.



5. Marcia Clark enduring sexism as the lead prosecutor in the trial

 The show does a great job pinpointing all of the sexism and hardships Marcia Clark had to endure during the O.J. trial (which later led to her taking a leave of absence from the job). Not only was she going through a divorce and fighting for the custody of her children, but she was being ridiculed for her appearance in the tabloids, all which caused her to hit her breaking point (and rightfully so). The character of Marcia Clark, played by Sarah Paulson (that American Horror Story actress you love) is a strong-minded, hardworking woman who is determined to get O.J. locked up. The real Marcia Clark actually said that re-watching what happened through the television series is like reliving a nightmare.


My advice to anyone looking for a smart show that still brings the drama-check out The People VS. O.J. Simpson. Just don’t be surprised when you find yourself googling “Is David Schwimmer married?”