Unwelcome Guest At Beau Biden Funeral Today

Brandon Snively
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Death has returned to haunt Joe Biden as he will lie to rest his son Beau, 46, who died last Saturday on May 30th from complications of brain cancer. Beau leaves behind a wife and three children. The Vice President’s son, Beau, served our country for 12 years, which included a deployment to Iraq and eight years as the Delaware State Attorney General. He was also prepared to run for the Governor of Delaware in 2016.

This isn’t the first child that Joe Biden has lost. Back in 1972, at an intersection in Hockessin, Delaware, Joe’s first wife, sons and daughter were out Christmas shopping when a truck collided with their car. Joe’s wife, Neilia, was killed as well as his 13 month old daughter, Naomi. Now, he will have to say goodbye to another child, Beau – his eldest son.

Beau’s body was brought to Legislative Hall on Thursday where mourners expressed their deepest sympathies and condolences to the family. There was a private ceremony yesterday for friends of the Biden’s and today will be the funeral. President Obama is going to give the eulogy at St. Anthony of Padua in Wilmington, Delaware, where the funeral is being held.

President Obama is NOT the unwelcomed guest. The unwelcomed guest will be the infamous, hateful Westboro Baptist Church. For those that don’t know, they picket soldiers’ funerals and spread a message of hate across all religions and races, saying that God is a hateful God and will spill his wrath upon America for their homosexual-loving ways. Yes, they say this and they are allowed to under First Amendment rights.

The “church” (that term being used VERY loosely) will be picketing in front of the St. Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Church (that term not used loosely) about an hour before the funeral begins. Here is a statement from their website as published by The News Journal based out of Delaware:

“Lord willing, WBC will zealously warn Joe Biden and the others at that time/place that God has clear standards, that He requires obedience, and that He curses those who refuse to obey, especially those who interfere with His people in their worship of and service to Him,” according to the website. “Our faithful warning: Repent or likewise perish!”

To be clearer, let’s ignore the Westboro Baptist ‘Church’ from now on, since it can ignite a fire inside that is very hard to contain, especially when this is the father of three children who don’t understand these hate messages and the countless other individuals’ funerals they’ve picketed.

It’s a sad day for the Biden family, the State of Delaware, and the United States as a whole.



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