Tried & Truitt: the sibling power duo you should be obsessing over

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Okay, let’s face it. Summer has technically ended and while we’re all trying to get back into the swing of life with work, school and basic human responsibilities, the good weather has put us in a state of eternal summer. The only thing that could possibly make this extended summer better is obviously new music and we’ve got the in for you.

Truitt is the newest sibling-power-duo that you’ve been waiting to obsess over and their music is as fresh and fruity as their name implies. Based in Nashville, the two singer songwriters have been active since 2016, releasing an EP and steadily pushing out new singles. Their latest is “Tokyo” with producer Light House that boasts an easy listening experience with synth-pop meets experimental indie. Truitt encompasses a young and refreshing aesthetic. We got the inside scoop with Brett and Brigetta, on everything from their sibling dynamic to beginnings in music.

20something: Describe yourself using three emojis.

Brett and Brigetta: 🍊💃👯‍


How did your new single “Tokyo” come to be and how do you think the song is best enjoyed (i.e. getting ready in the morning, dancing with your hairbrush…)

Brigetta: Tokyo came about very naturally and quickly. We had a track sent to us and I instantly thought of the title “Tokyo.” The song emerged pretty immediately after that. The producer, Lighthouse, formed the track around the topline we made, and we went nuts for it. Personally, I think it’s great to blast in your room alone for a little cardio/dance sesh in one (definitely advise using a hairbrush to get the full pop star affect.)

First concert attended?

Brigetta: The first concert I ever remember attending was a Styx concert with my family. It’s my mom’s favorite band, so it’ll always be a special moment for me. We still jam hard to “Come Sail Away” as a family during our car trips.

Brett: I think my first concert was a Switchfoot show back around 2004/2005. I used to jam out to their music back when I was a kid while my older sister was taking piano lessons. Every year Switchfoot would play at Disney, which is 45 mins away from where we grew up. I remember going with a group of friends and then going home the next day and trying to convince my dad to buy me a guitar.


What was the moment you two decided to work on music with each other?

Brigetta: I was around 13 when Brett and I really started to become a team. Prior I was writing alone to YouTube instrumentals and the 4 chords I taught myself on guitar. Working together was such a natural progression and has definitely enhanced both of us as musicians.

Brett: I always wanted to be in a band, but the city that we are from is quite small, therefore hard to find people that play the same music as me. So out of necessity, I started to produce music for myself. I was too shy to sing, and so I turned to Brigetta


Tell me…who’s the artsy sibling? The savvy sibling?

Brett: Brigetta definitely beats me in the artsy category.
We’ve had quite a few drawing contests, and unfortunately my “abstract” designs never quite put me in lead…or even close.


Describe your ideal space set-up for writing music.

Honestly, our home studio in Nashville. I feel most inspired when I’m in the setting that allows me to feel all the emotions I’m writing about and being at home really enables that. Helps jog specific memories/feelings I want to write about, etc.


What are 2 life mottos you try to live by?

Brigetta: Patience & Persistence.
Brett: Keep moving forward.


The one song you can play on repeat and never get sick of?

Brigetta: I’ll Be There by Jackson 5. First song I ever fell in love with as a child. That, or Rich Girl from Hall & Oates. JAM. Go to karaoke song for sure.

Brett: For me, it is probably “Read My Mind” by The Killers. It always takes me back to high school, and I have so many great vivid memories listening and wearing out those first two The Killers albums. That song, or like Beat It by Michael Jackson. Take your pick of any of his songs really, it’s MJ, come on.


What personal goals do you want to achieve by the end of the year?

Continuing to develop what Truitt sounds like and looks like. We are constantly chasing the sounds in our heads. I think it’s key for any artist or band to know you always have room to improve and better yourself. We want to continually better ourselves as lyricists and melodic writers. Another big goal for us is helping other artists in Nashville and beyond, whether that is through writing songs with or for them, helping produce songs for them, or even something as simple as just being an extra ear on a song.

Stream and purchase their music here.