Tips From A Woman Who Actually Lifts

Brittany Wallrath
Brittany Wallrath is a 22 year old (soon to be) graduate of the University of Florida. She is a certified Personal Trainer and plans on becoming a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Her hobbies include running, fishing, playing soccer, kayaking- basically anything outside and active.

We recently published an article on the truth about women who lift (which definitely had some really awesome points and I highly recommend reading), but I would like to offer some more insight on women who lift, from a woman who lifts. 



Walking into the weight room can be one of the most intimidating feelings in the world for a female. If it isn’t the insane amount of testosterone pumping through the air, it’s more than likely the loud grunts and huge sweaty men walking around that cause most women to steer clear of the weight room and head straight for the stationary bikes and ellipticals.

I’m in no way discrediting cardio exercise; I run 3 times a week and wouldn’t trade it for anything. However, if you’re on the stairmaster 6 days a week and still aren’t seeing the results you want (and are more than likely bored out of your mind), let me clue you in on a little secret. GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE AND LIFT SOME WEIGHTS!

If you’re still stuck on the fact that you think you shouldn’t lift weights because you’ll get too bulky, do yourself a favor: just try it. I can’t tell you how rewarding it is when someone tells you that “your arms look awesome in that dress” or that “your booty looks great in that bathing suit” because of the definition in your muscles. Feeling and looking strong as a woman will leave you with a great sense of empowerment that is well deserved.

Now to focus on getting us women out of our comfort zones. I’ve come up with the most basic three steps that will get you started with lifting weights. It’s amazing how quickly your body will adapt and how fast you’ll begin to see results!


1. Do your research and have a plan

Make sure you know what you’re going to do before walking into the weight room. Typically, you’ll choose a target muscle group for the day and do multiple exercises for that group. By having a plan, you’ll be committed and sure of yourself in an unfamiliar environment.

Check out this article, which contains some beginner’s workouts for women who have decided to give it a try.


2. Get to know your surroundings

This one is huge. Not knowing your way around the weight room can be another big factor that steers both men and women away from lifting weights.

The best solution I’ve come up with for this problem is to plug your headphones in, walk into the weight room, find an area with some space and start to stretch. While you’re doing your stretches look around and locate any equipment you might need for your workout. Use this time to map out your workout.


3. Keep a record

Whether you want to bring in a notebook and pen or just use the Notes app on your phone, keep track of what weights you used for each exercise and how many reps and sets you did. That way, the next time you come in you’ll know where you left off and can track the progress in your workout.


These three simple steps are just what you need to get started on your new workout routine! The benefits are endless, and your body is only waiting to be transformed into what you’ve always dreamed of.