Throwing Some Shade: Our 9 Favorite Sunglasses For Summer & Beyond

Amanda Arevalo
Amanda is a Miami-girl turned Brooklynite and your resident fashion gal pal. She loves large gold jewelry, bell bottoms and wearing platform sneakers, all in the hopes of fulfilling her childhood dream of being a Spice Girl.

They say the rule of thumb in fashion is to always include a third piece of clothing. Layers can transform your simple jeans and tee into an immediate Instagrammable lewk. More really is more when it comes down to the unspoken principles of sartorialism.

But for the days that it’s 95 degrees and you’re minutes away from making your debut in a Nelly music video, more is just a quick ticket to fainting from heat stroke. At a time like that, the only thing seemingly bearable is a quick and easy floral dress that is hardly groundbreaking.

But with the right accessory, pieces like denim cutoffs are anything but pedestrian, and this summer, the statement accessory is definitely sunglasses. Adding some funky frames will not only bring your eyes some protection but will make your outfit feel fresh and fun.

Here are some options that’ll have you serving some serious shade — in a good way, that is.

1. Oval Flat Lenses, Ray-Ban ($175)


Though these are a little on the pricey side, investing in this classic will keep you in style for years to come.


2. Vintage Birthday Square Sunglasses, Urban Outfitters ($20)

Urban Outfitters

Because it’s ~Leo SZN~. When you’re looking for a dash of nostalgia mixed with frames that are anything but common, these are your go-to’s. Play some Lil Kim, throw on a halter top and you’re an instant birthday babe.


3. POLLY ‘90s Pointy Polly Cateye Sunglasses, Topshop ($38)


These are supposedly ‘90s inspired, but I’m loving the clear ‘50s vibe from this classic shape. Tie a scarf around your head, hop in a convertible and ride away feeling like the glam gal you are.


4. Purple Honey, Quay Australia ($75)


Sweet like honey, these yellow sunglasses will have you catching all the flies, and the honey bees too.


5. Sunglasses, H&M ($9)


These may be the best glasses on the list, and they’re only $9? You spend more than that on a sad salad. Buy these immediately for a party that keeps on giving right on your browbone.


6. Viva La Velvet Sunnies, Free People ($30)

Free People

Viva La Very Cool, actually. Transport yourself to a stress-free zone and stroke these furry frames whenever you need a break. It’s the new fidget spinner.


7. Frame sunglasses, MANGO ($30)


Stop thinking of the future so much. Skip straight to your best self with these nerdy chic sunnies. Zetus Lapetus, they’re good.


8. Square 90s Sunglasses, ASOS ($12)


Trendy is on a whole ‘nother level with these babies. This is the most popular accessory of the summer, but if you’re just itching to channel Sex and the City season 1, there’s nothing better.


9. Machina, Spitfire ($45)


True to its name, the Machina sunglasses will get its job of making you look good, done quickly and efficiently.

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