This Video Will Change Your Perspective On The Homeless

Christina Mosti
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Sarasota, Florida is known for a lot of things. One of the most notable and recent recognitions was being home to the number one beach in the country because, well, look at it:




But just 10 years ago, Sarasota was also named “the meanest city in the nation towards the homeless.” While the city has been working on plans to remedy the dismal circumstances for the homeless population, there is still a palpable attitude of distaste and apathy towards these people. The same attitude many people have throughout the country.

Sarasota recently began a program called The Sarasota Keys Piano Project, which installed pianos for public use around the city. It’s when a homeless man named Donald Gould sat down at this piano that a bystander, Aroar Natasha as she is referred to on Facebook, captured something incredible.



In her words that are all too true, “This homeless man now has the opportunity to be something other than ‘just a nuisance’ to all the people downtown.”

If this doesn’t remind you that every single homeless person you encounter on the street is someone with talents, feelings and just as much humanity as you or me, I don’t know what will.

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