This Toilet Behavior Is Reckless

Jay Cross
“Far worse looking people have done it. So why can’t I?” Jake is a 22-year-old delicious man candy originally from New York and currently living in Miami Beach attending law school. He graduated from the University of Florida in 2014 and used his degree to invest in a Toyota Prius. More information about his Prius can be found on his Instagram handle: “hotguyinaprius”. He drives an Uber part time because lawyers only get paid in movies. Jake doesn’t drink often, but when he does, he prefers it be consecutively for a potentially infinite duration. Jake often drinks.

“Do you bunch or fold your toilet paper?” I’ve literally been asked this question more than once, which truthfully is pretty shocking. In fact, the first time I was asked this question, and within the same conversation with the same person, I had previously been asked whether I was a Democrat or a Republican. A few things about this situation are notable. One, typically a person who brings up politics at a party is not the type of person who is also interested in your method of choice for removing shit residue from your ass. And two, was this person implying that the question of whether I bunch or fold my toilet paper is equally as important or intellectually revealing as whether or not I like Obama? It was a lot to take in. Enjoy.


Photo Source: Libelleservice

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