This Stain-Resistant T-Shirt Is Basically Magic (BTW It’s White)

Mikela Warman
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That’s right. Some brainiac in Australia is attempting to bring back the basic white tee to your barbecues, pizza parties and Indian food sleepovers. Do people have those? Idk.

Melbourne-based Threadsmiths has ended the search of stain-resistant apparel for good. Their shirts “emulate the natural hydrophobic properties of the lotus leaf,” meaning there are no dangerous chemicals involved in the creation.

The water-resistant yet highly breathable technology causes unwanted substances to literally bead up and roll of the fabric – creating a self-cleaning effect. It’s kind of like when cats lick themselves clean, or maybe not.

cat animated GIF


The best part? The water repellent quality  is actually reactivated every time you tumble dry the shirt.

So go ahead. Grab the chocolate sauce and red wine because you’ll never have a problem dining in white-t chic ever again.

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