This Round’s On Me: 3 Key Rules To Choosing Healthier Drinks

Candace Farrell
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If you are one to go out often or indulge in the occasional indoor boxed wine drinking marathon, knowing how to drink “healthy” can become a very essential tool to staying slim. I wouldn’t necessarily say drinking is actually “healthy,” but everyone deserves to go out and have a drink (or two) sometimes.


Sticking to a strict diet without any limitations can become draining, so going out in moderation is often the easier option. You might start the night off limiting your drink count, but as the drinks go up in number, the counting sometimes goes out the window.

This happens to the best of us. So, here’s how you can control your alcohol intake through healthier options:


1. Say “No” to Syrups

Syrups are the biggest no-no when drinking within your fitness goals. The
easiest way to go around this is having real fruit or 100 percent juice added to your drinks. One great example of this is ordering a Vodka Water without the lime juice syrup and using real limes instead. Another alternative is mixing your drinks with flavored water containing no calories, sugars or additives.



2. Choose clear over dark liquors

No one wakes up wanting a hangover do all you can to avoid one. Picking clear over darker liquor can help prevent the severity of the hangover because the congeners present in dark liquor. Dark liquor is also more likely to be paired with sodas as mixers versus the fruits and juices added to clear liquor.



3. Moderate beer intake

While having a beer every so often isn’t the end of the world, not moderating
your beer intake can definitely add to the waist line. Try to consume light lagers such as: Natural light, Michelob Ultra, Coors light and Bud light. These will help prevent the famous beer belly bloat and leave you feeling refreshed.



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