This Pair of Slippers Could Help End Bullying for Good

Mikela Warman
Mikela has been working in the fashion industry since 2012 with the likes of Marie Claire, Giorgio Armani, WWD and VERANDA Magazine. She passionately studies the industry of style and how it coalesces with various different aspects of life such as art, career and cultural influences. When she’s not daydreaming at Bergdorf’s, you can find Mikela at yoga, watching Netflix documentaries and taking long walks around Manhattan. As a founding member of the site, Mikela also currently heads the brand management of 20something.

The topic of bullying always has and always will be a sensitive one.

The only thing worse about being scared to go to school is feeling scared and vulnerable at every waking moment of one’s already intimidating young life.

The Internet and strong emergence of social media has been one of the most detrimental advances to push the boundaries of bullying to no end. Bullying doesn’t stop once you get off the bus or safely into your parent’s home. It is ubiquitous and ever-present each time an adolescent logs into Facebook, double taps on Instagram, or pushes ‘Tweet’ on their Tablet.

Dearfoams, owned by RG Barry Brands, plans to partner with a top anti-bullying and cyberbullying group to further raise awareness about this prominent issue. Dearfoams, along with Stomp Out Bullying, will launch its first slipper line for teens, as well as contribute $100,000 to the organization.

No, this post isn’t so much about fashion-forward style, but it is a simple way to express how what we purchase and put on our bodies every single day can affect so many external factors in this crazy beautiful world.

Comfy slippers for a great cause? Why not.