This Is Something You Should Definitely Never Swallow

Shane Ayers
Shane Ayers is an I.T. professional in Higher Education. Born into the third generation of a family of powerlifters, martial artists, physical therapists and nutritionists, his interest in the human body and mind has sent him on a lifelong journey of research and discovery in fitness and health. I, Shane Ayers, give 20some permission to publish all work I've submitted to the site on August 5th, 2015 and extending forever in perpetuity until last sun in the universe goes dark and the last living beings, huddled around them for warmth, shiver and release their final, feeble, exhalations into the cold, unforgiving grip of the void.

If I tell you blue light is as effective as caffeine in making you more alert and awake, someone will most likely call bullshit on me.

If I say there’s a pill that does the same thing, has no side effects, and is made with 100 percent pure rat semen extract, I promise you someone will buy it, take it religiously, and then talk up the benefits to everyone he or she knows.

The problem with fitness today isn’t the number of people advertising magic pills and fake herbs, powders, potions, decoctions and methods. It’s the amount of people that are more willing to try extreme and potentially harmful tactics to improve their lives, rather than going for a simple but more long-term and labor-intensive one.

People spend so much money, energy, and time trying out “miracle cures” that majority of the time don’t work. Instead, spend that energy on building positive habits that will resonate for the rest of your life.

You can squish your organs up in a “waist trainer” that ultimately weakens your core muscles, or you can change your diet and establish a gym routine. The benefits of going to the gym continues even after you step out, while the ones for “magical trainers” will stop immediately after you’re done using them.

You don’t need a fat burning pill. Go out and play soccer, swim or jump rope instead of sitting on the couch and surfing the channels — you hate doing anyway because there’s never anything on to watch. You don’t need a sleeping pill that you’re going to grow dependent on. Practice better sleep hygiene by eliminating any kind of light within an hour of going to sleep, cool your room slightly, and stop any strenuous activity within a few hours of bedtime. You don’t even need a pill, patch, drink, or shot to be awake and alert in the morning. You have enough sunlight that works just as good or even better than those “remedies” (especially in combination with good sleep hygiene).

Most of us have these habits down to a science. There’s no difference between those we pick up when we’re a child to the ones we can teach ourselves for a better life.

So skip the semen rat pills, stick with the all-natural basics.

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