This Is How You Make It As A DJ Producer: Kungs’ 5 Key Rules

Mark Wolf
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At the ripe age of 19, he’s toured with David Guetta and has support from legends like Kygo – but it wasn’t always like that. Not long ago, Kungs was 18: working hard to get work. So how did he do it? Talent, relationships, luck? No, he got the keys, the keys, the keys, and today you can too…



Keep it pushin’

Never give up, whatever is happening. Sometimes when you start producing, a lot of people are commenting on the tracks you’re uploading on SoundCloud. Whether they are bad or good, all of these comments are good to take into consideration. The good ones will make you feel happy and keep you motivated to produce more. The bad ones won’t make you happy, but will be really useful to help you grow up as a producer. Never give up after reading bad comments. Take everything as a feedback on your music and do not take it personally.




Open your mind. Inspiration is a key factor in the producing process, so you need to think as wide as possible. As a “Happy House” producer, I’m not only listening to the tracks that the other producers of this scene are producing, I’m listening a lot of blues stuff, rock stuff and even big room stuff. Music is an art with no limit. So try to take the best of everything you see or hear, blend it into your head and finally try to translate this into your production software. It has never been easier to produce music today, so what will make the difference is your inspiration sources.



Gang gang

Have a good entourage. From your family to your manager to your friends, the entourage is the most important thing. Actually I’m pretty sure that if you feel supported everyday and surrounded by positive people, your production will get better and better. It’s important to have different types of people involved in your musical project. Sometimes the people who are not into music at all will give you the best advice and will help you think out of the box.



Stay saucy

Keep trying new things. Some artists are just following the trends and aren’t taking risks by releasing another type of track with new type of sound. I think this is what makes the difference between a great track and a game changing hit!



Keep it flexible

Be able to produce everywhere. As a DJ Producer, you’re touring a lot and spend hours and hours on flights, and in cars and buses. Sometimes it’s not easy to keep producing with this lifestyle. That’s the reason why you need to make yourself comfortable in every situation, your laptop and your headphones will make the job. And if you need to finish a track properly then you’ll go to the studio, but you need to be efficient even if you’re on tour!


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