This Is How You Get Through A NYC Sports Bar Crawl With Finesse

Lindsey Washington
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What: Sports bars in Manhattan to watch your favorite teams

Where: Mason Jar NYC, Brother Jimmy’s BBQ and The Royal

Why: Because everyone needs a good sports bar to binge eat some delicious unhealthy food and be around some sports fanatics that are just as excited as you are to watch the game.

Side note: For all of you out there who don’t watch or like sports, suck it up for just a short while. It’s worth the sacrifice for endless food and drink specials and an unhealthy amount of nachos consumption.


I did a sports bar crawl as a girl (cue judgment from every guy everywhere).

Every girl gets it – the weird glances, the strange side eye at the mention of sports. A guy so much as mentions the word “ball” in a sentence and automatically looks at you like you’re a cat drowning in water. Why is it that every time I mention, “I like football” I have to play a game of 21 questions with whatever bro is within earshot about my ACC knowledge? I consider myself a cheeseburger connoisseur but you don’t see me jumping down someone’s throat every time they mention they’re about to hit up Burger King for a Whopper Junior.

The point of this is not to rant about stupid boys who think girls don’t enjoy or understand sports but rather to highlight a few of my favorite bars to watch sports at. Hey guys, women rally, too.

Sports Bar Stop 1: Mason Jar NYC

When Florida State played Miami, I started off my day at the Mason Jar on Park and E 30th to watch the South Carolina – LSU game. Since we had 10 people, we got a table in the back right in front of the giant TV’s. Lucky for me, this meant we had our own waitress and I promptly ordered a giant platter of nachos with a shot, a cider followed up with a mimosa.

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Sports Bar Stop 2 & 3: Brother Jimmy’s BBQ

After LSU ran up the score on South Carolina, we headed to Brother Jimmy’s in Union Square for a little dinner.

I was skeptical at first but I must say the food was very good. For someone with deep southern roots, I am always super critical of restaurants claiming to cook “southern food,” but I was pleasantly surprised.

My friend forced me to order the swamp water, which is a fish bowl full of God knows what kind of alcohol and 23 colorful straws. Since I had only eaten nachos I decided to chow down on a turkey burger and fries. The bar was enormous with just the right amount of TV’s showing a multitude of games and the crowd was a nice mix of calm sports fans.

After this little rest we continued our marathon at another Bro J’s, further uptown. Side note: this Brother Jimmy’s is a Miami bar, filled with obnoxious U Miami fans, the type of Miami fans who cannot believe a little girl like me watches football! Needless to say we promptly left. Sports Bar Stop 4: The Royal We headed to The Royal, my favorite of the evening. For all you Florida State fans out there (Go Noles!) The Royal, on 13th and 4th avenues, serves up a nice touch of class and trap. It’s a little small but I felt right at home as soon as I walked in. I felt like I was in Tallahassee surrounded by my people and I loved it.

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At this point I was ready to drown myself in a tub of fireball so I decided to go home and call it a night…but not before war chanting a few more times in the faces of some very sad Miami fans.

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