This Is How A First Date Looks In Your 20s

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Girl meets boy. Boy buys girl a drink. They engage in small talk, attempt to make jokes, laugh at things that may not be funny, and casually sip on their drinks for more courage. A friend pulls one or the other away, but not before boy asks girl for her phone number. She quickly spurts it out and tries to keep her smile in line.

And this is how it starts.

Girl waits patiently for the text. She gets anxious every time her phone goes off. Finally, the message comes and it’s suddenly her favorite ring tone. They keep their texts short and wait – always – until the other responds. Eventually some semblance of plans, or a date, is made.

And so it continues.

The day fast approaches, and the hour comes even faster. The girl’s heartbeat is laced with excitement, but it’s beating in fear. There is anxiety lingering in her breath as she applies the second coat of mascara. A million thoughts run through her mind about which shade of lipstick to wear, or to wear one at all, until the boy says he’s on his way, but she’s nowhere near ready for this.

And so it’s stalled.

She throws half of her closet on the floor and hates everything she tries. She curses her imagination for tricking her when she imagined outfits before. Finally she goes back to the first thing that she tried on, and she smiles at herself in the mirror. She’s nowhere near ready for this, but are we ever?

And so it goes.

She puts the necessities in her purse, she puts on her most alluring perfume, and she questions every single thing about herself. She wonders what to bring up, and what to leave out. She texts her friends her location just in case she needs an exit strategy. She thinks of every single scenario – none of which will probably happen.

And so it goes.

He calls to say he’s there, and she says she’ll be right down. She frantically texts her friends freaking out about everything. What if they have nothing to talk about? What if she orders the wrong thing? What if he’s absolutely horrible? What if he’s perfect but he thinks she’s horrible? What if this outfit was actually the wrong choice?

And so it goes.

Girl takes a deep breath. She remembers that this is just one date, and just one boy. She looks back in the mirror one last time to fix her lipstick – she went with her favorite shade. This could be it or this could be nothing, but she’s ready for whatever that something might be. With the click of her heels, she locks the door behind her, and she walks into the unknown.

And so it starts, or so it ends.

Yet there will be a day, one day, someday, where a girl will meet a boy. A first date will lead to ten. Ten dates will lead to a one-year anniversary. One year will lead to vacations, inside jokes, memories, and destinies. Destinies will lead to love. Love will lead to forever. And forever it will always be.

One day, someday, the girl will lock the door behind her and never look back again.



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