8 Ways Champagne Week Is By Far NYC’s Greatest Event This Fall

Cara Kovacs
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Fall is an amazing time to live in NYC. From apple picking and the Halloween Parade to the anticipation of the holidays and all of the delicious food, New Yorkers always seem to be celebrating something from September to December. What you may not have known about, however, is the most whimsical fall event, and possibly the best week of the entire year: New York Champagne Week.

“Whaaaaa,” you ask? Yes, friends, I am not kidding you. There is an entire week dedicated to celebrating bubbly in New York City. From November 9th to the 13th, you can enjoy events devoted to the Beyonce of beverages; a time when you can literally drink champagne every night and it doesn’t mean you’re an alcoholic. That really is something worth celebrating in and of itself.

So just in case you were not listening correctly and for whatever reason need more persuading to show up, here’s why New York Champagne week is as necessary (if not more so) than Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.


1. Originally, Champagne Week was designed to give NY food and beverage industry elite the opportunity to taste-test the best bubbly. It is now in its third year of being open to the public.

Meaning you get to try all of the most amazing champagnes with specials and cool popups around the city, just like a professional. And, let’s face it, we are all professional champagne drinkers, are we not?


2. New Yorkers love their happy hours, and during champagne week, you can toast with some of the most select champagnes around at just $10 a pop.

Experiment with new varietals and enjoy a ridiculous champagne bargain. (How often do you see those two words next two each other?) Click here for more info.


3. Champagne contains roughly 30% less calories than red or white wine.

Plus the bubbles actually make you drink it more slowly, and thus you consume less (except maybe during Champagne Week). So seriously, indulge in this week and save your holiday pounds for Thanksgiving.


4. Whether you’re a true champagne connoisseur, or your idea of a fancy beverage is wine that doesn’t come in a box, the Blow Your Mind Champagne Tasting really will blow your mind either way.

From Veuve to Dom plus Moet and Chandon, this is the tasting of the year and you won’t want to miss. Get tickets here.


5. Champagne provides many of the same health benefits that red wine has been taking all the credit for.

It contains polyphenol antioxidants which helps lower blood pressure AND prevent strokes. We are using this as justification to skip the gym this whole week and just guzzle this stuff instead.


6. Champagne week is a great activity with friends, a date, or on your own as a way to network with new people.

Last year the event drew hundreds to spots all across Manhattan and we, personally, do not want to be left out!


7. Dom Parignon, the French Benedictine Monk who invented the namesake champagne, described it as “tasting the stars.”

If you haven’t had this experience you are obviously champagning wrong. (Why, yes, that is a verb.)


8. Close out your week with the bubbliest party in town. The Bubble Bash is an open champagne bar all night on a yacht around our beloved skyline!

Plus, Uber has partnered with Champagne Week for ride credits so that you don’t have to stumble into the subway on your way home.


We hope you’re as excited as we are to pop bottles all week and toast to the bottles themselves! Don’t miss fall’s best fest and check it out for yourself. Cheers to that!