This hidden gem outside NYC is the perfect weekend getaway 

If you’re like me, you’re currently experiencing that cute, overwhelming sense of doom and despair that sets in when you realize summer is almost over — WTF. This is especially difficult when we realize the most outdoorsy thing we did was scroll through some girl’s Instagram carousel documenting her trip to Antelope Canyon. It may be time to consider that we completely wasted the only 2 tolerable months of the year — Damnit.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it, time is of the essence, and for us big city-ers getting away for the weekend isn’t always easy. Planning is hard. Booking accommodations is hard. Getting absolutely anywhere is really fuckin’ hard. And on top of that, we don’t want to go just anywhere. We want sun. We want nature. We want hot, young people around that will genuinely appreciate our new monokini.

Those with the patience to scour the Internet for deals and set up a collaborative Google doc with all of the complicated details – more power to you. For everyone else, we highly suggest looking into a fun, all-inclusive experience like Lindenmere Adult Camp.

Located 90 minutes outside NYC in the Poconos Mountains, Lindenmere Adult Camp is a summer camp for adults that charters busses leaving from NYC, NJ and Philly. With modern facilities, traditional camp activities (along with added extras like the trapeze and rope courses), an open bar and nightly parties, everything is completely taken care of, from transportation, to accommodations, to daily and nightly activities.


Depending how many you’re traveling with, you can register as a group or individual, and you can choose to stay either in the general bunk or in a private room for a bit extra. Once you get there, the whole weekend including food, alcohol, accommodations and activities will run you about $350, and for the value of having to plan absolutely nothing yourself, it’s totally worth it. Plus, it’s even cheaper if you use the code SOCIAL at checkout for 10% off 😉

If you’re looking for last minute Labor Day plans, you can still get tickets for their Sept 1st – Sept 4th weekend here. Otherwise, snag tickets to their last weekend of the summer Sept 15th – 17th  here.

What better way to recharge for a weekend and seize the last days of summer than by reliving your summer camp days in the fresh air with your best friends? Bonus points for double blobbing.

*In partnership with Lindenmere Adult Camp*