This $8 Wine Should Be Your New Choice For A Night In…Here’s Why

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This week’s wine: Cocobon – Red Blend – California 


Amazing price with an amazing taste. Up until this point in my wine journey, I’ve never had my cake and ate it too. Cheap wine tends to either taste like juice or shit, neither of which are flavors that I want to hit my palette when it comes to vino.

But here it is, folks. For literally $8, this wine will become your new favorites and goes with whatever the fuck you make. Cocobon is a red blend per label and this holds true as you pour down the first glass.


Right away, you get a mouth full of cherries and a slight pinch of alcohol reminding you it’s wine.


It’s a blessing to find something that skims the essence of juice, but saves itself with just enough alcohol content. Layers of vanilla waft onto the palette and deliver a silky finish leaving you begging for more.

I’ll drink it by itself most of the time, but if you’re trying to impress someone who doesn’t know what they’re drinking pair this next to any type of “herby” recipe. Think herbed-garlic (fill in the blank). This is the kind of rare red you’ll want to drink when you’re not trying to go to shit, but you still want a buzz. A pleasant buzz that will bring you back for seconds the next time you’re at the liquor store.

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