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The Bacchus Block
The voice of millennial wine, simple and plain. There isn't a faster or easier way to stay plugged in to what's hot, what's not, and what's coming. Wine hasn't sounded like this in centuries.

Welcome to the wine column made for 20somethings that love wine, but are too confused to explore the aisles.

So you love wine, but you have no idea where to start at the liquor store. You see the wine menu at the restaurant and just order the 2nd cheapest one.

It’s all good, nobody has taught you. And luckily, I’ve got you.

The Bacchus Block is a millennial brand focused on talking wine the way we all talk to each other. I’d continue with my mission statement, but nobody wants to hear that shit. Instead, I’m going to start you off with a  cheap bottle of wine that is going to hit the spot, but not make you look like an asshole.

This week’s wine

Francis Coppola Blue Label Merlot – $13


This bottle of Merlot is my go-to for dates and hangouts. Whether you’ve been drinking wine for 10 years or you’re starting after this reading this column, this shit tastes good – plain and simple.

Pop the bottle and let it sit for about 10-15 minutes after it hits the glass. With bold red wines, you’ve got to let them breathe and get some oxygen. Otherwise, shit’s nasty.

Why this merlot? Because its not crazy. There’s no wild roller coaster of flavor or explosion of fruit. it’s high alcohol content in a wine that is subtle on the tongue. You enjoy the wine, your date enjoys the wine, it’s only $13 – it’s a fucking no-brainer.

Hit me up on Instagram @thebacchusblock to keep up with what I’m trying and where I’m going. I’ll see ya’ll next week.


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