This Wine Will Make You Look Smart and Get You Drunk For Cheap

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This Week’s Wine

Septima Malbec 2012 – $12


This week, I present to you a wine that’ll make you look smart and get drunk in the process. It’s bold, full bodied and acidic, a ball of subtle plum that carries 14% alcohol and takes damn near 30 minutes to get its shit together.

Often with stronger red wines, you have to let them breathe. We usually start throwing the wine back as soon as the cork is out, but doing that with a Malbec is a quick way to fuck up the night.

You’re probably wondering at which point you start to look smart. Don’t worry, I’ve gotchu. This Malbec hails from Mendoza, Argentina. This is important to note because Mendoza just so happens to be the Napa Valley of South America, and is known for producing the best Malbec in the entire world. Am I saying this is the best Malbec you’ll ever have? No. But I am saying that you’re going to drop this knowledge on people around you and they’ll appreciate you for it.

Now, back to the wine…

I can’t say it enough. If you drink this literally out of the bottle, it will taste disgusting. After around 20-30 minutes, however, it will widen out and become one of your go-tos. Eventually you’ll want to explore what other good Malbecs there are in the world, and at that point I’ll wish you luck, because there aren’t a million fish in that sea.

Trying to make this wine choice for your night out? Pair it with steak (you most likely can’t afford filet mignon, but I know you can splurge on some filet medallions…).

Overall, enough fruit to make it smooth and enough power to make it look like you understand wine.

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