The Top 10 Must-See TV Shows This Summer

Marien Richardson
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When we were children, the concept of summer was totally different. It meant time spent at the family beach house, summer camp, or sweet family vacations to Disney. I barely knew what a television was during those fine months, much too preoccupied with sorting my sea shell collection or begging for one more scoop of ice cream before bed.

Besides, summer TV sucks, right? Historically summertime has been a dumping ground for crap filler shows, just on the air to have something other than reruns all summer. Well, times have changed my friends, and summer TV has really stepped its game up. Now in our 20s, we have plenty to watch while we forgo tropical vacations to pay back those student loans. So, here’s my list of must-sees for this summer.


1. Orange Is The New Black – Season 3 – Netflix – June 12th

I’ll start with the big DUH for summer. Unless you’ve been undercover longer than Caitlyn Jenner, you’ve heard of OITNB. The Netflix original follows the seemingly sweet Piper as she serves a prison sentence for a crime committed years ago. We’re all eagerly awaiting this summer’s premiere, after the mostly comedic show turned surprisingly intense last season with some serious girl-on-girl prison violence.


2. True Detective – Season 2 – HBO – June 21st

I’ll preface this by admitting that I’ve never actually seen True Detective, as I am not a baller with HBO. That being said, I’m adding it to the list because it has bomb reviews, and everyone I know says it’s amazing. The show is an anthology, meaning there will be a new cast, setting and storyline each season, similar to American Horror Story. If you have HBO you should definitely check it out, and tweet me with your HBO Go account info! Thanks!


3. Unreal – Season 1 – Lifetime – Premiered June 1st

If your guilty pleasure is Married at First Sight or ‘The Bachelor, you may not like this Lifetime satire following the production crew of a reality dating TV show. If you are as over the roses and champagne throws as I am, then tune in every Monday night to laugh at how those O.M.G. moments are perfectly planned.


4. Power – Season 2 – Starz – June 6th

Power, Power, Power! Oh how I’ve missed you. For those who don’t know about Power, It’s pretty much the non-musical equivalent of Fox’s hit show Empire. Power follows James ‘Ghost’ St. Patrick, the sexy and powerful Owner of Truth Nightclub in NYC. Just a few minutes into the first episode, we learn that James is much more than the smooth business man he appears to be. He’s also a drug kingpin, a cheater, and a cold-blooded murderer. Stuck between a desire to go completely legit, and a wife who wants him to be the “biggest god-damn drug dealer in New York,” Ghost has a lot to figure out, and not a lot of time to do it. Season 2 promises even more drama with the release of Ghost’s two-faced uncle, and the show’s producer, 50 Cent.


5. Pretty Little Liars – Season 6 – ABC Family – Premiered June 2nd

Ok so this is my personal guilty pleasure, and I’m sure lots of you have been watching it since it premiered in 2010 as well. For those who haven’t, picture a bunch a well-off teenaged girls, trapped in the longest game of ‘who-done-it’ ever following the mysterious murder of their friend, Alison. Maybe I’m watching to finally find out who A is, or maybe I just love seeing what these girls wear to the high school they still inexplicably attend after 5 years.


6. Tyrant – Season 2 – FX – June 16th

I am personally counting down the days until the season premier of Tyrant! The show follows Bassam ‘Barry’ al-Fayeed, an American doctor from the Middle East. On a trip to his nephew’s wedding in his native country of Abbudin, Barry and his family are forced to stay when his father suddenly falls ill and dies. Barry quickly learns that his brother, Jamaal, is absolutely insane, and is now in complete control of the country. What ensues is a dramatic yet hushed power struggle between the brothers, with Barry trying desperately to keep his brother from becoming the namesake of the show.

This show is good. Like really, really good! If you have on-demand or Hulu I strongly recommend catching up on last season. You can thank me later.


7. Between – Season 1 – Netflix – Premiered May 21st

So this show deserves a spot if for no other reason than it being Netflix’s first original show that will be ‘aired’ weekly like a regular television show. Netflix is releasing one episode a week, and my assumption is that they would only try this out on a show they know will keep us coming back for more. Between is a semi sci-fi drama following a town where anyone over the age of 21 dies mysteriously, and the government quarantines the remaining residents to fend for themselves.


8. Scream – Season 1 – MTV – June 30th

So I would put this in the DUH category as well for obvious reasons. Who in their 20’s hasn’t seen the original Scream movies! To this day, there are thousands of those masks terrorizing neighborhoods across the U.S. every Halloween. It will be really exciting to see how MTV turns this classic into a weekly TV show. With the promise that ‘everyone is fair game,’ I’ll be tuning in to see which members of the cast get axes, literally.

9. Humans – Season 1 – AMC – June 28th

I can’t be the only one that knows AMC can do no wrong when it comes to television these days. Ever since Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead, we all know that the network is not to be overlooked ever again. Humans sounds like a 2015 TV version of I, Robot, where the newest trend in tech is owning these life-like robot servants called Synth. We know that AMC is not afraid to ramp up the sex and violence, and I have a feeling Humans will not disappoint.


10. BoJack Horseman – Season 2 – Netflix – July 17th

Ok, time to order some pizzas, load up your favorite bong, and settle down in front of your flatscreen for a long night in. This hilarious Netflix original follows a struggling actor named Bojack Horseman, who is indeed a horse, on his path of self-medicating and failed relationships. It’s a super funny cartoon set in Hollywood, where half of all citizens are animals that can somehow speak to humans. It makes no logical sense, but you just don’t care because it’s that damn comical. If you have Netflix, go ahead and watch. If you don’t, I don’t really understand you as a person.


*Honorable Mention* I Am Cait – E! – July 26th

The only reason this 8 episode Docu-series isn’t on my main list is because it’s such a DUH I would feel bad using up a spot. If you’re not watching this, you better not have a television or even know someone who does. We’ve all seen the interviews and gorgeous pictures of Bruce Jenner’s transformation into Caitlyn, and now we get to follow her in ‘real’ life. Even if this entire thing is scripted and awful, I’ll be watching just so I can keep up with the Twitterfest. Can. Not. Wait!




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