Taylor Swift is scamming the shit out of her fans, and it should really bother you


Taylor Swift is everywhere recently. With her “new brand” (read: psycho persona), she’s stirred up quite a bit of press about herself in the past few days. The song digging at Kim and Kanye, the music video digging at pretty much everyone else, her social media blackout…the girl’s publicist has been busy.

But, what is seemingly not getting enough press in my opinion, is the ticketing scam she’s decided to pull on her fans.

After the release of “Look What You Made Me Do,” Taylor also announced plans for a tour, despite the fact that album doesn’t come out until November. Along with this announcement, she partnered with Ticketmaster in an effort to keep tickets out of the hands of scalpers and ensure that her fans are the ones getting the confirmation emails when tix eventually go on sale.

This sounds like a good and noble thing. Ticket scalpers have become a huge issue in the music industry. If fans can’t get tickets for face value, they have to spend more to get them on resale sites. And if I’m spending, say, $500 on one concert ticket via StubHub, that’s the only concert I’m going to for a while. Whereas, if I can buy a ticket for face value at $150, it’s more likely that I’ll go see more shows, thus contributing more to the industry.

So yes, stopping ticket scalping is good and allows the people putting on the show to actually get all the money you’re shelling out. But the way Taylor is doing it is not good at all, and is seriously taking advantage of her fans.

Of course, to make sure fans are the ones getting tickets, buyers have to prove themselves to be fans. And to do this, Taylor and Ticketmaster have come up with a program called “Taylor Swift Tix.” This is essentially a fan loyalty program, where fans are asked to partake in “fun activities” to earn points and move themselves up in the queue to buy tickets, increasing their chances of being able to buy the tickets that they want, at the price they want.

Sounds good! Taylor and her team keep calling them “fun activities” so it should be a good time, right!!!! Nope. You see, the biggest way to earn these points is to BUY TAYLOR’S  MUSIC AND MERCH. That’s right, all you have to do to *possibly* be able to buy $200 tickets to her show is drop an additional $45 on an ugly ass T-shirt and up to $63 for one CD. But wait, won’t everyone be doing that? Yeah, so you should probably also buy ANOTHER ugly ass $45 T-shirt, and maybe a super ugly $60 snake ring too, you know, just to let Taylor know that you’re a real fan. And also to let everyone else know that you are edgy and angsty.

But the real gag here is this does not guarantee that you’ll get tickets. So you could be dropping money just to get tickets, and then still have to buy them at an inflated resale price. Also, is anyone else thinking about the fact that the people who will spend all this dough on merch would be the ones who would be able to pay the super high resale prices? So the ones being edged out are the ones that would be edged out anyway? No? Just me? Ok sick.

So yeah, just in case you needed somewhere to drop an ungodly amount of money, or you needed another reason to think that Taylor Swift is satan reincarnate, now you have both! Look What She Made Us Do!