The tattoos of Van’s Warped Tour

Talia Aroshas
Talia Aroshas is a Capricorn semi vegetarian who obtained her master’s degree in the art of coat checking after four years of intense study at NYC’s mostly highly regarded titty bar. Here, she double majored in high-brow sarcasm, and graduated with honors in pungent irony. As a result, she is fluent in both languages. All coats aside, after two years as Editor in Chief of one of NYC’s leading nightlife blogs, Talia realized her greatest passion to be music and is very excited to be heading 20something’s Create vertical, mostly for the free concert access it will get her. Follow her on Instagram on all her music adventures @gangsta_rap.

Once upon a time in a not so faraway land, music festivals were, well….special and exciting events. I mean, I guess they’re still kind of cool and most of the time they don’t suck, but they’ve become so common that recklessly skipping one can be just about as heartbreaking as skipping your period.

Three years ago I thought music festivals were carpe to my diem. Nowadays, I’m more likely to accept an invite “Name that Tune: 80s Edition” on However, within the sea of oversaturation that is the live music event experience (I blame you, EDM!!), there is one festival that does actually stick out.

And that of course, is the Van’s Warped Tour. Why? Well, for one, it’s one of the only festivals where you can find people both under 18 and over 30, but also, it genuinely feels like you’ve gotten in a time machine and traveled back to 2004. And that’s p sweet.

So, as 20something provides our final insights on the summer festivals of 2017 that we attended, we had to pay tribute. And what better/more appropriate way than to S/O some gnarly tattoos?

“My grandfather was a paratrooper in the Korean War. He had a dragon tattoo to mean he was strong and able to overcome anything. I joined the marines and got the same tattoo because he was a role model to me and I strive to be like him.” – Jason


“We just really like In-N-Out Burger” – Christopher Bowes of Alestorm


“I used to harm myself, and all of us girls would draw butterflies during counseling” – Angelika


“P.M.A., It stands for ‘positive mental attitude.’ I was going through a shitty time and stopped practicing self love every day, so I got this to remind me. It hurt really bad.” – Dano


“I’m actually part of the [Rocky Horror Picture Show] cast, we do it every week. I was always a quiet kid, so I did this to try to break out of my shell and get out in front of people.” – Kevin


“I get tattoos everywhere I go. I got one in Miami, Santa Fe. Giraffes are my favorite animal.” – Kimberly


“I struggled with depression for a long time, and this is the only place that brings me happiness.” – Ryan


“It was the ’75 or ’78 Misfits album, Danzig had this really great collection. But I didn’t want to get the Misfits skull because everyone has that.” – Tyler