5 Real Struggles Of Being A White Girl Who Loves Rap

Last summer, I had the pleasure of meeting one of my all time favorite rappers, 50 cent. Yeah, that’s right, a white blonde girl from Connecticut bumps 50. Though I was surrounded by many of his fans, a lot of them seemed to think that I was there for a different reason. As I was patiently waiting in the long line to the liquor store to get my bottle signed by the rapper, a middle aged man confronted me saying, “Get out of here, you don’t know anything about the rap game, white girl.”


You’ll be excited to learn that women can, in fact, be real rap fans! Women listen to good music! Women enjoy underground artists! Women are not “naturally” feminine any more than men are “naturally” rough! Why is it that women aren’t free to be real and men aren’t free to be fragile? Is it that if you are black, you have to listen to rap and if you are white, you have to listen to rock? Can we all just get along? People should be free to express their complexities. We do not come in two specific forms. Our anatomy does, but our minds can, and do, go beyond that.

It’s 2016, people. Come on.

Here are the biggest struggles I deal with as a white girl who likes rap:

1. When dating, I feel like a f*cking museum exhibit:

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Music is personal. Stop treating people as inferior because they listen to rap. It baffles me that some people think that rap is dedicated to boys and that all female fans are rare or fake. Everyone knows that dude who always brings up “compared to other girls…” and like, I’m sorry but I literally donut care what other girls are like.


2. The idea that I’m not feminine because I like hard core music:

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Rap is an expression of feelings. Why should women be limited to a certain genre to explore that?


3. Oohhhhh the clichés:

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“Everyone raps about violence and drugs. Do rappers know how to be positive?”

Have you ever heard of Tupac? Have you ever heard of Jay Z or Ice Cube or Snoop Dogg or Dr Dre? Yeah, sure, a lot of hip-hop culture out there talks about violence and rape and bad things but guess what? That’s reality! Think about Tupac — he has thoughts that are so politically minded, thought provoking, and deep that they would alter your perception and open your mind. We live in a flawed world.

And as for rap, no. It isn’t corrupting minds, maybe rappers like Young Thug have awful content, but you are painting rap music with one brush.


4. And of course, everyone is a little bit racist sometimes:

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“You can’t listen to rap if you aren’t black.” Music is music. Why does race matter? Country Singer Charlie Pride didn’t have his face pictured on the record cover in the 1970s because he was black, and producers were afraid he wouldn’t sell. After he became famous, people found out he was black and it was no big deal. Why? Because good music. It doesn’t matter what race you are, hip-hop and rap are just good music. My ears do not know color,  and neither does my heart.


5. And then there’s people who just don’t, and will never, get it:

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“Why do women listen to rap music if all they talk about is sex and degrading women?” Obviously rap is poorly portrayed by the media. Hip-hop music that does not degrade woman actually exists. For instance, “Atmosphere,” is an underground hip-hop group who creates music with beautiful lyrics that communicate issues. The history of rap runs deep — rappers such as Kendrick Lamar, Tupac and Immortal Technique rap about history and the injustice of society, and that is also rap music. There is rap music out there that is devoid of meaning but nobody wants to constantly listen to music about the realities of life. People need music to make them happy, too.

There’s something out there for everyone whether you’re in the burbs or on the streets. Somehow, rap has been able to tie us together because if we listen with an open mind and accept the hardness and harshness of the world today, maybe we can come together and change the world with the way we think, live, and treat each other. Rap music is just that.

Music is a universal language that everyone can understand.

Bottom line, ITS ****** MUSIC, WHO GIVES A ****???