The Secret To Transitioning Into Adult Life

Lindsey Washington
Lindsey Washington aka lindsanity to her friends can either be found roaming the city looking for shade or out with friends throwing shade. She is currently trying to work on her obsession with Lil Wayne and accepting the fact that they will probably never get married, also Drake.

Everything you’ve been told about how to transition into adult life is a lie.

Let me explain.

I am 24 years old (tear), working a real person’s job while finally making the move out on my own. While I’m at work, plugged in and heads down, not one second goes by where I think about my SAT scores, GPA, random extracurriculars or AP classes. And I can guarantee you that not one day goes by where my employers have ever asked, or for that matter cared, about my GPA, extracurriculars or AP classes.

Do you want to know why?

Because those hours you spent slaving over that perfect test score doesn’t matter in the real world. That C+ I got in Math my freshman year? Whatever. That one time I cheated on my psychology exam? Unnecessary guilt, because in retrospect that class didn’t translate to my current place in life. The time I looked at my yellow crayon in 2nd grade because I couldn’t remember how to spell yellow? (I’m a bad speller) It didn’t set me back one bit.


None of these trivial things mattered when it came to the bigger picture.


What mattered were the nights I spent not studying and hanging out with my friends the time we snuck out on our roof and drank all night, or the time we stayed out till the sun rose dancing at a bar, or the times I would spend my last quarters buying a chicken roll because I just couldn’t live without it.

These things, while going unappreciated at the time, are important. Unlike test scores and professor backlash, these are the moments you remember long after graduation.

They’re the stories you tell your co-workers when you’re eating lunch and need to shift the conversation away from work, and these are the types of experiences that make you a functional and whole human being.

What you may not realize is that it was those experiences that shaped you into who you are now, and made your employer notice you among the rest. That test score didn’t win them over, your ability to be shaped by life and everything it’s got to offer did.


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