This Red Will Impress All Of Your Friends Who Don’t Know Shit About Wine

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This Week’s Wine: Working Dog Sangiovese – $17


A few weeks ago, I made a stop at a winery by my house and jumped in the notepad immediately. The tasting introduced me to a number of wines, but one jumped out – Sangiovese.


Sangiovese sounds expensive and is your go-to to impress people that don’t know shit about wine.

To be clear, we’re talking about a wine notorious for it’s harvest in the hills of Tuscany and revered across the globe. Right off the bat, it was looking bleak for New Jersey. To my surprise, it hit the spot and made it clear that Working Dog is running shit on the East coast. Enough about them, though, you’re here for the wine…

Remember what I said about letting the wine breathe? Yeah, you’ll want to do that again. Give this wine 10-15 minutes to hang out before you start throwing it down with dinner. I paired this with some crazy brisket sliders I picked up at a food truck, but put this down with any meat and you’re good.

The wine hits you in the mouth with a really tart cherry taste that lingers with a subtle plum note. That sounded fancy, but what you’re getting is a sense of fruit with a decent amount of tannins overlaying it all. Tannins are that chalky taste you experience when drinking certain red wines.

I’m usually one to shy away from tannins, but Sangiovese has a way of making everything better when that dark, tart, fruit flavor fills the sides of your mouth. Working Dog is going to swing a little high on the cost spectrum, coming in at around $17 and becoming harder to find when you live outside of the Tri-State.

If you’re not in the area, I suggest Di Majo Norante Sangiovese 2013. This wine is in the Sangiovese family and can be found online (more affordable too, usually around $11).

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