The Pursuit of Harmony: Singer/Songerwriter Brooke Forman’s Journey

Talia Aroshas
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I first met Brooke Forman in an acting class I took during my junior year of college. On the first day, our professor had us sit in a circle on the floor as we spoke in turn about the one time in our life we actually got something we wanted. Something that, at that particular moment, meant the world to us.

When it was Brooke’s turn to speak, she excitedly and energetically told a short story about a recent impromptu trip to Paris that changed her life. It’s not that Forman’s story was the most interesting told that day, but it was something about the passion in which she told it that made it the most memorable.

After befriending her, I learned that Brooke’s brings her passion and energy to every and all aspects her life. Inclusive of babysitting jobs, her relationships, her friendships, and of course, her music.

If you aren’t yet familiar with her name, you might be familiar with her music. “Heartbeat,” her collaboration with Nicky Romero, premiered at last year’s Ultra Music festival live in Miami. The song also reached peaked at the number two spot on Beatport’s top 100 chart for Best Dance Record worldwide.

“When I looked back and saw all those people listening to my voice and hearing my story, I was an overwhelmed with joy. It really showed me that my lyrics were true,” Brooke said.

“Every little thing could change in a heartbeat.”

Brooke’s has been singing ever since she learned the alphabet, and so she decided to move to Manhattan so that she could juggle a full-time college course load while pursuing her one true passion. This could seem overwhelming for some, but not Brooke.

“I think the only way to grow is through knowledge…I think it’s imperative as an artist to be well rounded; those four years are an important time in someone’s life to learn who you are. I met my best friends in school, I grew into the person I am now and it helped me get to New York where I am making my music everyday.”

Brooke describes her sound as “a mix of pop, soul and R&B.” She loves making dance music as well, which makes sense considering her biggest influences are Stevie Nicks, Coldplay and Above & Beyond. “Whatever I do, I want it to have meaning and soul behind it.”

Brooke got her start in the music industry just after college by working at record labels. And by working behind the scenes, she was able to learn about music from a business standpoint, which gave her a stronger understanding of how to become a successful musician herself. Having to balance working with the pursuit of her dream isn’t easy of course, but over the years she has been able to find a balance.

“I have a day job to support my finances and while I am there I still research new people to work with and venues to contact. I also send emails with my music. At night I am in sessions or the studio. And when I feel overwhelmed with trying to balance it all, I take a break to travel!”

Like many artists in her shoes, Brooke has experienced setbacks, but she sees them as a welcomed challenge and a chance to grow.

You win some, you lose some. If I get overwhelmed or if someone tries to take advantage of me, it makes me want to work harder. Never give up!

She recently accomplished one of her biggest goals when she performed live in Bali, Indonesia — a gig she booked all by herself.

But enough talk, check out the talents of the singer/songwriter yourself by watching the video for her song, “Lioness,” off her soon to be released EP of the same title.

Big things are certainly in store for this little dreamer, and if she has it her way, it will include collaborations with the likes of Above & Beyond, Richard Bedford, Mark Ronson and her idol, Stevie Nicks.

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