The Perfect Weekend Rooftop Workout

“Start my day up on the roof, there’s nothing like this kind of view.” Frank Ocean couldn’t have said it any better. From a view of the sleepless twinkling city lights, to the thought of being in a calm, zen place, solo with nothing but space and time, there’s something so breathtaking and freeing about being on your roof. When the beauty of a serene rooftop meets the exhilaration of fitness, you experience a feeling so dynamic, refreshing and addicting.

My absolute favorite workouts usually happen on my roof. Just me and a few inexpensive pieces of equipment, including a mat ($15 on Amazon) and a jump rope (less than $5 in bargain stores).

I love to do circuit training, which involves a mix of cardio to keep my heart rate up and burn calories, as well as callisthenic strengthening exercises. If you have access to a rooftop, try out one of these circuits this weekend for a challenging workout with an unbeatable view.

My favorite circuit is:
-50 jump rope double unders
-25 push-ups
-10 squat pulses into 10 squat jumps
-1 minute front plank & 30 seconds side planks
(30 seconds rest between exercises for 3 rounds)

Another favorite circuit is:
30 seconds plank jacks
30 seconds burpees
30 seconds crunches
30 seconds jump lunges
(30 seconds to a minute rest between sets 3 rounds)

I end off my workout with stretches and a few minutes of reflective meditation on how my day went, or positive thoughts of how my day will go if it’s the morning. All I need is a mat, jump rope and myself to feel like I’ve earned my sweat equity and peace of mind on the rooftop of greatness.

Think your rooftop offers the best view? Instagram your #rooftopworkout, tag @hey20something and let us decide.


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