The New Workout Challenge You Need In Your Life: Battle Ropes

Brittany Wallrath
Brittany Wallrath is a 22 year old (soon to be) graduate of the University of Florida. She is a certified Personal Trainer and plans on becoming a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Her hobbies include running, fishing, playing soccer, kayaking- basically anything outside and active.

If you’re looking for a new way to incorporate both strength and endurance into your workout program, I may have the solution you’ve been searching for. The answer lies in the ropes, battle ropes that is.

Battle ropes seem to be popping up in more and more gyms, and for a good reason. According to John Brookfield, founder of the Battling Ropes System, “the Battling Ropes training is demanding, effective, humbling, forgiving and safe all rolled into the same package.”

One on end of the spectrum- professional athletes all over the world are using these ropes to intensify workouts and get their butts kicked. On the opposite end of that spectrum I have been able to give clients of mine, who suffer from leg injury, cardio and strength workouts without flaring up pain or worsening an injury. (With that being said, if you do have an injury, be sure that you have a trainer or someone watching your form to ensure you are doing the movements correctly).

For those of you brand new to battle ropes, I highly suggest you don’t hesitate for a second and just jump right in. The more I play around with the ropes, the more creative I have gotten with the exercises I do. Starting off with these three simple suggestions will give you the confidence you need to get started, after that the ropes are in your hands!

(There is a good chance that your gym will have the ropes already set up but always check to make sure that the ropes are secured to something stable)


1. Alternating Waves

Start with one rope in each hand with equal tension on both ropes.

Make sure you’re standing in an athletic position, knees are bent and you are on your toes ready to work. If you want to incorporate legs into this workout, go into a full squat position. Keeping the core tight and shoulders engaged, alternate lifting ropes to create a “wave” sequence. You can either keep track of how many reps you are doing or how long you are going for.



2. Battle Rope Twists

Similar to a traditional Russian twist — you start seated, leaning back, with both feet off the ground. You will have both ends of the ropes in both hands. Start on your left side next to your hip. Throw the ropes up and over and try to create most of the movement with your abdominal muscles to get the ropes to the opposite side next to your right hip. Alternate back and forth.



3. Snake waves

The last simple movement great for beginners is the snake wave. Instead of moving the ropes up and down, grip the ropes in both hands and work on moving them left and right. Be sure you are keeping proper posture and the core engaged!



When you’re looking for ways to progress these movements, here are some questions to think about: Can I hold a squat? San I stand on one foot for balance? Can I incorporate a jump into the exercise? Can I alternate ropes or do both ropes together? Can I do this faster? Can the ropes go up higher?

I promise once you get started, you won’t want to stop! If you do come to a stand still on ideas, YouTube is an awesome resource to check out what other crazy exercises people have come up!