The Latest Social Trend You’re Behind On: Finstagram

Mikela Warman
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“A Finstagram?”

“Yeah. You know, a fake Instagram.”


WTH? I’m staring at my friend’s phone as she scrolls through her little sister’s feed. All of the pictures are either inappropriate, of “meh” quality, or just downright random.

I’m blinking at the facetious handle, unsure how to grasp what I’m viewing.

“It’s a second private Instagram account where she just posts random shit that she doesn’t want everyone seeing,” said friend. “Only select people are allowed to follow her.”

Am I late to the game? Is this common practice to have two Instagram accounts, one where I am @ASAPMIKK and the other where I am @DirtyPMastaFunkDontFollowMeUnlessYouWantTheRealReal?

What would I even put on this account? Is this just for high schoolers? Am I no longer part of the “young crowd” who blazes their own social media trail? I. Just. Want. Answers.

Luckily, friend’s little sister agreed to give me some insight.

“A lot of people my age have these accounts. Basically, you just post funny things that you can’t post on your real Instagram. You only accept people you trust and people you’re close with, not just anyone.”

AH yes, social media — the vault of trust and security.

I don’t think I’ll be making a Finstagram anytime soon, but at least I’m in with the kewl kids now.

@DirtyPMastaFunkDontFollowMeUnlessYouWantTheRealReal, OUT.

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