The Hunna Answered Our 12 Q’s And Proved To Be Our New Fav Band

Straight out of Hertfordshire, England come the four-piece alternative rock band known as, The Hunna. This impressive (s)quad consists of lead singer/guitarist Ryan Potter, bassist Jermaine Angin, lead guitarist Dan Dorney and drummer Jack Metcalfe. After first gaining momentum and fans locally in the U.K., The Hunna paired up with the ultra successful producer Tim Larcombe, who’s produced music for Halsey and the one and only Lana Del Rey. Together Larcombe and The Hunna created catchy, debut singles, “Bonfires” and “She’s Casual” in Fall 2015, offering listeners an idea of what their unique sound and style is.

The Hunna released their debut album titled, “100” in August 2016 and revealed their true ethos through captivating tracks that range from rock anthems to seductive, slower songs engaging notions of romanticism.

I got the opportunity to ask The Hunna a few questions to see just what this band is all about and how it feels to be gaining momentum, fans, and recognition quite quickly ever since their album’s anticipated release.

Check out what they had to say:



1. For all our readers who don’t know already, how did the four of you meet and become a band? What’s your “story” of coming together as a band?

We (BD-100 & Valentino) met on a Music Practice college course in a town called Watford, UK. Aged 16. Brothers from other mothers. We both decided then this is what we wanna do with our lives. We knew IK was the best drummer around and asked him to join. Shortly after IK asked Prince if he would ever be up for playing bass in the band. Prince was on it and now we are here, 1Hunna.


2. What track of “100” would you tell someone who has never listened to your band before to check out first and why? 

“Alive” would be the first recommendation. That track really gives of a feel good mature universal feel. The interlude we created at the end of the track is straight magical. It never gets old!


3. So what’s up with the name “The Hunna” and where did that come from?

We give 100 percent into everything we do, always. Hunna meaning 100.



4. How exactly does your creative process work when writing a song? Do you formulate the melody first and then write lyrics, or do you write lyrics first and then put them to music?

We have so many methods to writing, can start from a bunch of chords to a melody on the guitar. Lyrically Valentino likes to write about real experiences people can relate with.


5. Growing up who were your biggest music influences? What was an album you played over and over again?

All types of music. Our parents educated us bare with rock n roll and soul. Also the pop scene back then was madbars.


6. What is your craziest fan experience so far? Do you have creepy encounters?

We have had some strange experiences but it’s all bless with us. Everyone expresses themselves in different ways and some people don’t have the social skills others do. Big up to the Manchester Squad for the 22 bras we collected on stage. We’ve always wanted that to happen. Big up!


7. Let’s be honest here, were any of you an intense, crazy fanboy of an artist/band at one point?

Valentino loved Busted! He went to see them live a few times. Their tracks to this day are still massive bangers though! Busted-Gang lit shit!


8. You all have recently started touring in the United States! How does it feel to have gained success here? Is there a state/venue you all are most excited to play at?

Yeah it’s been a dream come true for us four. We have always wanted to come here and live the American dream. Mad love for the USA! When we found out that we were gunna be here for two months we lost our shit aha. We hope we keep growing here, would mean a lot to us. Picking one state is like picking your favourite child out of many… no can do! Big up to Jimmy Eat World, The Struts and AltNation radio for letting us tour with them. 100.


9. How would you describe yourself in just one word?




10. Top celebrity crush? If you got the chance to take her out, where would you take her on your first date?

Kendall Jenner for Valentino. Would take her anywhere she would want to go. Fans in the U.K have already created #Rendall because they know Tino loves her!


11. What artists are you into right now/ what would be your top album of 2016 so far? Well besides “100” of course That’s a serious question…

Hard to settle on just one. Rather Drake’s “Views” or Kanye West’s “Life of Pablo.” Really looking forward to hearing Highly Suspects, You Me at Six and Kanye + Drake’s new album’s. They are gunna be contenders for sure. Well stoked to listen up.


12. Let’s say you weren’t playing in this band and working in music wasn’t an option, what would you be doing instead?

Shiiiiiit! Probably try and make it as drug lords or something! We worked a load of different jobs before all of this and every single one of them sucked. Hated it! God bless the power Music.