The Final 3 Of “The Bachelorette” Are Already Incredibly Obvious

Becca Van Sambeck
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Rachel Lindsey stole our hearts last season, and for good reason. She was the kind of contestant who made you wonder if you should buckle up for a lifetime of spinsterhood if she, of all people, had to go on a fake dating show to find love. Smart, successful, gorgeous, personable – DAMN, RACHEL. IS THERE NO HOPE FOR ANY OF US?!

And yet, despite being the first black Bachelorette and a borderline-perfect woman all around, they’ve saddled her with quite the mixed bag of contestants. Yes, that doll Little Adam was terrifying and should be burned to ashes, which should then be purified with holy water – but he also displayed less red flags than some of the other contestants. In fact, it seems pretty clear already who will make it to the final three. WHABOOM.


1. Peter 


A plaid suit is a brave fashion choice, and yet Peter wore it as if it were his second skin. He’s absolutely beautiful (seriously, look at his Instagram and try to resist) and he did literally nothing wrong or weird during this episode, which sounds like a low bar, but it’s “The Bachelorette,” after all. This physical beauty and lack of warning signs make him a clear front runner.


2. Bryan


HOLY. SEXUAL. TENSION. Bryan won the first impression rose and a couple of makeout seshes with our Bachelorette, and it was easy to see why. Look at Rachel’s eyes when Bryan speaks Spanish. She was ready to send the rest of the guys home right then and there. Girl is a goner.


3. Josiah


It was impossible not to fall in love with Josiah. His backstory from troubled kid to lawyer was legit inspiring, the kind that makes you want to root for him to go far. It doesn’t hurt that he’s incredibly good-looking, or that he had a cute line with “See ya later, litigator.” That’s good wordplay!


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