The Dopest Donuts: 5 Of NYC’s Top Choices For National Donut Day

Colleen Woodward
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Dough Donuts

I know, I know, it sounds easier to just skip down to Dunkin’ Donuts and snag that free doughnut with your coffee order. But, why choose that when there are some seriously life changing donuts to enjoy in NYC? How would you be doing this national holiday any favors by just shoving a basic chocolate-frosted donut in your face? No, you need to expand your horizons. So, take advantage of that Friday summer hours at the office, get out early, and head straight to one of these dynamite donut shops:


Doughnut Plant

With locations all over Manhattan and Brooklyn, you definitely can’t miss this place. Doughnut Plant has some crazy flavored doughnuts, ones that will make all of your taste buds do a happy dance (did I really just say that?), and some that will leave you wanting more. Best of all? If you stop in today you can get free carnaval sprinkles mini cake doughnuts (but get there quick before they’re all gone!). Doughnut Plant also serves up some of their own ice cream during the summer months (aka now), so top that on to your free doughnut and you’ll be in dessert heaven.

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Underwest Donuts

This place is a must try if you’re looking for a unique but cool place to snag some donuts. Underwest Donuts is located in Hell’s Kitchen’s 12th Ave, a bit of a hike but totally worth it. This donut shop runs out of Westside Highway’s Car Wash- sounds weird I know, but try their glazed, sugared, and gooey works of art and you’ll keep running back for more.



Do you see that? If the color alone of that donut doesn’t make you want to join in on the hype of this shop, then let me keep convincing you. With flavors like; Mocha, Cafe au Lait, Passion Fruit, Hibiscus, Dulce de Leche, Filled Nutella, Cinnamon Sugar, Salted Chocolate Caramel, Chocolate Cocoa Nibs, Lemon Poppyseed, Filled Fresh Jams you seriously cannot go wrong. If I were you I would order an entire box of each to go, and taste test them until your heart is content. So, run down to Brooklyn and get your fix of these airy, melt in your mouth donuts.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 12.35.11 AM



If you’re looking for a donut to munch on that isn’t the size of your head, Doughnuttery is the perfect place for you. With bite sized donuts you can have several without feeling overwhelmed, and still get the most amazing flavor sensations through each bite. You can find these sweet treats in Chelsea Market, and their newest location @ Turnstyle NYC the underground eatery and retail space in Columbus Circle. You can grab mini doughnuts on the go like; Power Flower, Paris Time, Green Tea Buzz, and many more (they also have dipping sauces for these…as if it couldn’t get any better).



The Doughnut Project

Located in the West Village, this new comer to the doughnut scene brings some bold flavors with their signature doughnuts. Peanut butter jelly time anyone? Because pictured above, you can get your classic sandwich flavors bundled into this one doughnut. Want to try something even more unique? The Doughnut Project sells The ‘Classic’- Maple, Bacon, Bar. You heard me, a rectangular doughnut with a fresh bacon strip, and maple glaze. Excuse me while I go run there now. And, according to their Facebook page, The Doughnut Project will be teaming up with Angry Orchard for ‘wicked Angry Fritters’ today in celebration of National Donut Day…yes that’s alcohol and a donut mashed together. Put a pep in your step and get to the West Village.



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