The definitive guide to finding your lost AF friends at a music festival

Going to a festival with your crew enhances your experience and strengthens your friendships. But, let’s face it — it’s hard to keep tabs on your peeps. In early August I had the pleasure of attending Moonrise Festival. Big artists like Carnage, Louis The Child, Dillstradamus and Lil Uzi Vert threw down amazing sets. Although the venue was larger than expected, I seemed to be losing friends left and right.

How is it that a tiny robot in our phones can navigate unknown lands and yet I can’t even find my friends at a music festival? Anyone’s who’s been to a music festival has experienced some variation of this. Most importantly, if and when disaster does strike, stay calm. At the end of the day, you’re at a freaking festival. Relax, enjoy, and your friends will make their way back to you.


1. Head to where you were when you last with them

Let’s face it, it sucks to turn around and see your friend(s) have disappeared. You think, “Okay maybe I should just wait here they’ll come back.” Right before Migos set, Moonrise staff decided to cancel because of the rain. Everyone ran for cover on the Pimlico race track. Because of the stampedes, I lost my friends in a matter of minutes. Your best option could be to wait in the same spot you saw them last. Your success will depend on if your friends are sober enough to know where they have been or even realize that you are gone. If that’s unlikely, try the next option.


2. Know which artists your friends want to see

Feel out the situation and think about what kind of concertgoer is your friend. Is he/she the type to be in the front row? Is she the type to find some dude’s shoulders to sit on? Ask yourself these questions and see where it takes you. At Moonrise, I knew my friends wanted to see RL GRIME, so I went to the solar dance tent. We were sheltered from the sun, thankfully. They had the crowd bouncing, moshing, and getting lost in their bass and trap. I shortly forgot about losing my friends and just joined in on the fun. The solar tent at night was my favorite stage at Moonrise; the lasers and the light underneath the tent were impressive, and we danced the night away. Should your memory skills be a little hazy, put yourself in your friend’s shoes: Maybe one of their favorite artists are playing in 10 minutes, go try to find them there!


3. Ferris wheel. Always the Ferris wheel.

There seems always to be some huge landmark that stands out in the festival, whether it is a giant blow up tiger, or in this case, a Ferris wheel. One of my favorite things at Moonrise was the $5 Ferris wheel ride. It’s a great way to try and spot your friends. You can also enjoy the music and company of fellow EDM lovers while chilling on the Ferris wheel.


4. Ask nicely and go on someone’s shoulders! It’s a lot easier to see everyone

Luckily, using someone’s shoulders to get a better view is a completely normal thing to do at festivals. During Run The Jewels, I went on someone’s shoulders, and it made my experience ten times better. I have to say, they were my favorite set. They set the bar high for 2018.

Give up and make new friends. Stay safe, stay hydrated and have a wild night
In spite of your best efforts, you may be forever separated from your friends (well, maybe not forever). Sometimes, a solo adventure is what you needed all along. Fear not, the festival will open up for you! Raging with strangers at Flux Pavilion is something that will not be forgotten.


To sum up: nothing is more freeing than a music festival. So why not try it alone? Just you, the music, and the thousands of distractions that live in your phone.