Real Survival Stories From The Kanye ‘Gov Ball Make Up Show’

So I wake up on a Sunday morning to find out that the third day of Governors Ball has been canceled due to an impending storm. Considering I didn’t have tickets, I was overjoyed to know that I wouldn’t have to worry about catching a case of FOMO that evening as everyone watched Kanye’s GovBall performance.


Fast forward to Sunday evening when I wake up to multiple texts, snaps and tweets at midnight saying that Kanye just announced a 2 a.m. pop-up concert at Webster Hall via Twitter. My FOMO starts to rise up again but still I contemplate heading downtown to check out the scene.

I get back on Twitter and see videos and tweets showing the madness slowly unraveling. Massive packs of kids are literally sprinting down Third Ave and E. 14th St to get to Webster Hall in time. Not even an hour after Kanye tweeted, there were about 7,000 people in front of Webster, taking over the entire block. The mayor shut down the block as per Ye’s request (kinda). I decide to keep my ass put and for the next 3 hours and I am glued to my phone as I watch the mayhem unfold….


20something: So tell me about the scene that night around Webster Hall

John: It was absolute madness. I was in Brooklyn when I heard that Kanye was going to be at Webster. I headed there immediately and the area surrounding Webster was chaotic. Everyone was getting word about Kanye so a lot of people started literally sprinting towards the venue. It was madness and a little crazy to be in the middle of thousands of people but at the same time it was fun to be a part of it all.

Izzy: My friends and I were already near the venue because we went to the Vic Mensa show and when it was over, we left and looked for food in the area. Once we saw online that there was a chance Kanye was going to be at Webster we sprinted back towards the venue and, in just that small amount of time, there was already so many people outside. I saw ASAP Rocky and Chance walking into the venue. It was funny because Rocky was just smiling so hard, laughing and dapping up fans. He didn’t seem like he was stressed by the huge crowd trying to shove its way into the venue.

Arlene: We walked to the block of Webster Hall and stayed on the opposite side of the street and just chilled there near some trucks. A lot of us were on top of the trucks too and my friends made friends with the people around us so we just drank and waited to catch even a glimpse of Kanye.


What was the best part of the night?

John: When people would break out into Kanye songs and everyone was singing along. At some point everyone knew there was no way we were making it into the venue but we still made the best of it and had fun.

Izzy: The best part of the night was when we got to my friend’s car to go drive back home we pulled up to a light and right next to us was Kanye, Kim and Travis Scott in their black Mercedes. It was so awesome seeing them in the flesh right next to us.

Arlene: Just seeing everyone together in the middle of the madness was crazy. It was just surreal to be with thousands of people at an unplanned pop-up show it was like everyone just immediately stopped their lives for Kanye!



How did you make it out of the madness?

John: I waited there for as long as I could and held out hope that this whole thing would still happen. The adrenaline was still high so once the crowd broke up a lot of us were trying to take the party to the park, but eventually everyone broke off and just went home.

Arlene: Once Webster Hall tweeted that the show was canceled the bouncers announced over their intercoms that we all had to leave but no one moved. A lot of people were shouting that they were lying just to get rid of the thousands of people swarming the venue. So we just waited until everyone started moving and just went with the crowd instead of against it.

Izzy: My friend parked close so we just ran to his car and left. The energy in the streets was intense but we somehow made it out alive!


The show did in fact get canceled because of the sheer amount of people outside the venue and the madness that was brewing in the area. Kanye pulled up in a Mercedes with Kim and Travis Scott and since they couldn’t even get close to the venue they drove Third Avenue with Kanye hanging out the sunroof and Travis out the passenger window. Fans saw them and immediately swarmed the car and chased them down the block. Kanye was able to shake some hands with some lucky fans before heading home.

Kim later tweeted, “Thank you all for coming out at 2am. Promise he will make up this pop up show.”


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