The Best Twitter Reactions To The Donald Trump, Jr. Russia Scandal

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Unless you’ve been off the grid and personally hiding from the government, you’ve probably seen that something even bigger than usual is in the news this week. Long story short, New York Times reported that Donald Trump, Jr. sought out dirt on Hillary Clinton from a Russian lawyer…yeah.

Because we live in such a uniquely hostile political climate, it’s hard to be anything but dumbfounded, so leave it to social media to present you with plenty of reactions when you can’t quite find the words.


The Girl Power Reaction


The 90’s Throwback Reaction


The Stay Woke Reaction


The ‘These Are Exciting Times’ Reaction


The ‘Oh, I Like Good Emoji Work’ Reaction


The ‘I Didn’t Know I Needed A Hoobastank’ Reaction


The Wise Reaction

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