The Best Thing To Happen To Your Yoga Practice In 2017

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In partnership with IMBŌDHI

The last several years have seen a rapidly growing interest in health and spirituality, which have led more and more people to embrace the undeniable mental and physical benefits of mind-body practices like yoga.

Beyond making you feel stronger, yoga is scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety, release “feel-good” neurotransmitters, lower high blood pressure, improve mood, combat fatigue and even increase brain volume.

Fifteen million people currently practice yoga regularly, a number that grows by 20 percent every year. However, despite the growing popularity of these mind-body exercises, it seems like the active-wear industry has been lagging far behind, failing to accommodate the specific needs of yogis.

Many of us are still stuck with a shirt flying over our heads as we downward dog, or unable to hold a side plank because we’re fairly certain our sports bra has allowed for a full-on nip slip.

That’s where IMBŌDHI bodysuits come in.

I first had the pleasure of connecting with IMBŌDHI founders Carolina Saboya and Ariel Dubov in August of 2016. I was fascinated by this inspiring couple’s mission to “experience life through physical movement.” They embody this active lifestyle so effusively, that they started their own company to solve a glaring issue that was personally affecting them, proudly deeming their creation “the next generation of active-wear.”

Since launching in November, IMBŌDHI has garnered a remarkably dedicated following of yogis, acroyogis, dancers, runners and body-movers of all kinds, loudly preaching their conversion to bodysuits.

Eager to uncover the benefits of IMBŌDHI that have caused so many yogis to cast even their favorite workout outfits to the side, I got the scoop on why these bodysuits make your yoga practice so much better.

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1. It was created by people who know your practice and understand your needs.

Carolina and Ariel have been active in the yoga and dance scene for years. They understand how the body moves when you do these activities, and what is required to do them well and most comfortably. They used their own experience and feedback from other yogis to create an outfit that allows for maximum comfort and flexibility.


2. It doesn’t move when you do.

The IMBŌDHI bodysuit is specifically designed to support women with an active lifestyle, encouraging the fullest extension of your body in any direction. The unique 4-stretch fabric stays in place while you bend, split and twist, and the crotch gusset sewn between the legs allows for maximum flexibility without tearing. (RIP to your favorite leggings that couldn’t handle the butterfly pose).


3. The bra inserts and unique design allow for options.

The suit is double layered to provide reinforced breast support, but the cut of the bodysuit also covers racerback sports bras if you prefer the extra layer. IMBŌDHI suits also have slits for bra cups if you want to go for something in the middle.


4. The custom-made fabric is soft, yet durable and breathable.

Unlike the slippery and synthetic feel of traditional active-wear outfits, IMBŌDHI uses a custom-made cationic polyester blend that makes the suit soft and comfortable, but also durable. The suit thermo-regulates to be ideal for hot or cold temperatures and the breathability allows it to stay dry, even when you sweat. IMBŌDHI bodysuit wearers also love that they don’t lose their stretch and don’t retain odors.

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5. They’re practical without sacrificing style. 

Wearing a one-piece allows you to get upside down without worrying about your top being tucked into your bottoms and entirely removes the concept of putting together a workout outfit. But the practicality doesn’t come at the expense of style. Many suits are reversible, with one side offering a more neutral look while the other is more vibrant. IMBŌDHI also supports local artists, with their first line featuring prints of watercolor paintings by San Francisco painter Nicolette Stellavato.


6. Bodysuits contour to the body without being too revealing.

The concept of wearing a tight bodysuit can be daunting to many women who feel it will be too revealing and unflattering. IMBŌDHI wearers are quick to say “au contraire.” The bodysuits were specifically designed to be double-layered and gently compress the most vulnerable parts of the body, allowing it to follow your curves while offering enough support. The open back and contoured design allows it to be like a flattering second skin without feeling too tight.

After connecting with the IMBŌDHI founders and their bodysuit believers, it was easy to understand why so many yogis are opting for an outfit specifically designed to cater to their needs.

Inspired by my request to try a bodysuit for my own practice, Carolina and Ariel are offering a discount to the whole 20something community who are interested in trying an IMBŌDHI bodysuit. Now through the end of March, use the code 20SOMETHING at checkout for 20% off and free shipping on all suits.

To learn more about the IMBŌDHI bodysuit, follow them on Instagram, Facebook and their blog.

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