The Best Shark Week Drinking Games: A Conclusive List

Talia Aroshas
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The USA Women’s National Team has won the world cup for the first time since 1999, you’re still recovering from the massive hangover you got at that amazing fourth of July party your friend Steve threw, and Ashton Krutcher and Mila Kunis finally tied the knot! So who’s having the best week ever? Sharks. 

Shark week began this past Sunday, July 5, and runs through July 12. Produced by the Discovery Channel, the weeklong phenomena features both very real and very fictional shark-centered programming, originally created to raise shark awareness. Now in its 18th year, the very popular series is the longest-running cable tv programming event in history. 

This year, Shark Week is airing a month earlier than past years, runs for 8 nights, and is hosted by Eli Roth. Shows to catch include SHARK AFTER DARK LIVE, GLOW IN THE DARK SHARKS, NINJA SHARKS, SHARKSANITY 2, and SHARK TREK.

Classic drinking games with sharky twists and really creative shark names to play with your friends while watching said shows include:


1. Shark

Required Supplies:

  • Alcohol
  • Humans

Based off a drinking game called Buffalo, the rules to this game remain the same and are incredibly simple. All players must drink with their left hand, unless they are left handed, in which case, they are to use their right hand.

If a player is caught drinking with the forbidden hand, the mole who caught them is to start shouting “SHARK SHARK SHARK” and the rest of the party is to follow suit. The only way to stop the shouting is for the convicted player to finish their drink as fast as they can. Bottoms up!


2. Sharks

Required Supplies:

  • Alcohol
  • Humans
  • A Shark Week show

Modeled after a game inspired by the classic TV show Love Boat, Sharks requires a tiny bit of role play and a lot of drinking. At the beginning of whichever Shark Week show you are watching, all players must pick a type of shark, or host. Whenever their shark comes on the screen, they must drink continuously until the shark is no longer visible. If the shark is merely mentioned, they must take just one drink.


3. Slip a Shark In It

Required Supplies:

  • Paper and Pen
  • A Bowl
  • Alcohol
  • Humans

A twist on the game Slip It In, this game involves a little bit of pre-party prep. Before your guests arrive, you are to concoct a few sharky sayings that would play well at a Shark Week viewing party. This is because you don’t want the sayings to be too obvious. Write each saying down on a separate piece of paper, and mix them up in a bowl.

As your guests come in, have them each pick a saying from the bowl. Throughout the night, they are to try and slip the saying into conversation without getting called out on it. If they are, however, well, you guessed it–they must take a drink!


4. Shark Week Beer Roulette

Required Supplies:

  • A Can of Beer For Each Player
  • Humans

A game of chance like Russian Roulette (except not anywhere near fatal), this game has absolutely nothing to do with sharks but it’s really funny, so I’m including it anyway. A can of unopened beer for each player is to be put in a pile – it is best if each can is the same brand. Then, one player is chosen to shake a can of beer vigorously, and then returns the pile.

The cans are then to be shuffled around until nobody knows which can was the one shaken. Each player is then to take a can, and with the sprout facing up and open the can. And then everyone gets to laugh as one player gets sprayed in the face. As restitution, that player is the one to shake the can next. The game is repeated until there are no more remaining players to shake the can.


5. Shark Tales

Required Supplies:

  • Alchohol
  • Humans

Inspired by a game brought to our attention earlier this week from Buzzfeed called Most Likely, this game is a great way to make fun of your friends. And don’t we all love a good excuse to make fun of our friends? To play, everyone gathers around, be it in front of the television or at the bar, and one player asks a question involving the words “most likely” and themed around Shark Week. So for instance, “Who would be most likely to shit their pants if they saw a shark from a distance while on a boat?” Or whatever.

Then on a count of three, everyone is to point to whomever they believe would be the most likely culprit of the proposed question. Each player then has to take a drink for however many people are pointing at them. BRING IT.


And now, enjoy this song about Shark Week:


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