The Best Music To Pair With Each Weed Strain

Smoking and jamming out go together like peanut butter and jelly, cookies and milk, the cast of Grease…you get the point. Since no strain of weed is the same, different highs call for different types of music. Not everyone wants to rip a bong and listen to psychedelic rock. Just like wine-pairing with food, weed paired with the perfect music is essential to any high.


So I did my homework and checked out Leafly’s most popular strains and, based off what mood and activity the strain fell under, I paired it with its musical counterpart. You’d be surprised at how many different strains are out there (and their crazy names). Some of my favs included Alaskan Thunderfuck, Critical Hog, Purple Alien OG, God’s Gift, Red Headed Stranger and Green Crack Extreme. Seriously, check out this site for some great insight on different strains from around the world.

For those who love to smoke and jam out, this playlist is for you. Enjoy and put ya lighters up. 


unnamed-2Blue DreamYes, this strain feels exactly how it sounds, a beautiful dream. So, of course, the perfect pairing would be a nice and mellow band like Tycho to create the perfect ambiance.

Suggested Music: Tycho – “Awake”



Agent Orange: The perfect strain to smoke when you need to get shit done! Agent Orange will not leave you stuck in bed or on your couch blankly staring at your dog. It’s great when you need to boost your creativity and it helps you focus. So what better to go with this energetic strain than some Major Lazer?

Suggested music: Major Lazer – “Watch Out For This”



Jesus OG: When you need to relax the body but free the mind in order to think more clearly, turn to Jesus…OG. This perfect head high calls for some Future and Weeknd with their new track “Low Life.”

Suggested music: Future + The Weeknd — “Low Life”



Granddaddy Purp: AKA the ultimate couch melter. Basically if you need some good sleep tonight, this is your strain. Vibing to some Alt-J and zoning out makes for the perfect relaxation combo.

Suggested music: Alt-J – “Taro”



Girl Scout Cookies: For those looking to be happy, upbeat, goofy and in a generally good mood, the stereotypical “high.” If you want to laugh until your cheeks hurt, check this one out and listen to this Drake and Skepta track that will bring you some feel-good island vibes.

 Suggested music: Drake and Skepta- “Ojuelegba Remix”

 Check out these songs and more in the full playlist here: