The Best Bars & Restaurants From Aziz Ansari’s ‘Master Of None’

Becca Van Sambeck
Becca is a recent Fordham grad, a former German beer hall girl, and a new Brooklyn resident who used to read the dictionary for fun as a kid. She has only gotten slightly less lame since then. She loves pugs, chicken fingers, reading and Game of Thrones.

Aziz Ansari is a self-proclaimed foodie, so it comes as no surprise that his Netflix show “Master of None,” set in New York City, features an abundance of real-life hip restaurants and bars. If you’ve watched the show and thought, “Hmmm, yeah, I could go for a King Kong Banana Split” or wondered, “Where is the best taco in New York City?” — don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

First up, we’ve got the bars:

1. Baby’s All Right

Where: 146 Broadway, Brooklyn

One of the show’s best episodes details what happens when Aziz’s character, Dev, goes on a date with a waitress who thinks there’s nothing funnier than a Cartman impression. The date occurs at a Father John Misty show, which takes place at this great Williamsburg bar. The place hosts plenty of cool concerts and could be a great first date venue — just make sure they’re not the type to get kicked out for stealing a jacket.

2. The Jane hotel

Where: 113 Jane Street, Manhattan’s Meatpacking District

This Meatpacking hotspot serves as the venue for the premiere of Dev’s black zombie movie, “The Sickening,” and also serves as the perfect backdrop for a clubby night out.

3. Sunny’s

Where: 253 Conniver Street, Brooklyn

It’s a cozy Red Hook bar that’s been around since the 1890s. You can see it as the backdrop for Dev and Rachel’s first meet: Cute, referenced in a flashback later in the season. Head over here if you’re looking to jumpstart your own love story.

4. Ace Bar

Where: 531 E 5th Street, Manhattan’s East Village

Ace Bar is a place in the East Village with cheap drinks, pool, games, and a divey atmosphere, and is seen in the scene where Dev and the girls he worked on the commercial with go to celebrate a successful shoot (and compare notes on sexual harassment).

5. 169 Bar

169 E. Broadway, Manhattan’s Lower East Side

This LES bar has everything from palm trees to a leopard print pool table, which also makes it the ideal place to contrast Dev’s fun, chill boy’s night out with a girl’s uncomfortable experience of being out alone.

6. Achilles Heel

Where: 180 West Street, Brooklyn

This super cool Greenpoint tavern is where Rachel and Dev share a dance early on in their romance. It’s also well known for creative house cocktails and serving a variety of delicious small plates.


Then there’s the food — so much of the show revolves around Dev just hanging out and discussing his problems with friends over some food. They made sure to cover a variety of places, with the gang talking about everything from the difficulty of having immigrant parents to the question of whose perspective is heard in “Lose Yourself” over plates of food at these popular food joints.

1. The Commodore

Where: 366 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn

This Williamsburg restaurant serves a ton of Southern dishes, but are understandably most famous for their fried chicken.If you want greasy food done well, come here.

2. The Smile

Where: 26 Bond Street, Manhattan’s NoHo

This well-known rustic NoHo restaurant serves both Mediterranean and American dishes, as well as serving for the backdrop for two scenes in the series, including the first episode’s discussion about accidental pregnancy.

3. Parm

Where: Various Locations in New York City

Dev couldn’t turn down these delicious subs in favor of the ketchup sandwiches his adorable babysitting charges made him. You can’t blame him — the kids may have been sweet, but this Italian sandwich shop is famed for their sandwiches.

4. Think Coffee

Where: 1 Bleeker Street, Manhattan’s East Village

One of the funniest moments of the show is Dev’s Skype audition for a zombie movie, which he desperately does from a coffee shop, inadvertently giving the other customers quite the show. This hip East Village coffee shop served as the location for that particular scene. Stop by for some coffee and free wifi, but maybe don’t do any reenactments.

5. Marlow & Sons

Where: 81 Broadway, Brooklyn

Yet another New American Williamsburg hotspot on the list, and this place got multiple scenes in the show, meaning it REALLY has Aziz’s seal of approval.

6. Morgenstern’s

Where: 2 Irvington Street, Manhattan’s Lower East Side

This parlor is known for their creative gourmet ice cream, and will now forever be known for this infamous scene where a man cuts Dev in line and cruelly tosses aside the last giant banana split Dev was craving (of course it was justified Dev slept with the guy’s wife then! The guy didn’t even want the ice cream!)

7. Mission Chinese Food

Where: 171 E Broadway, Manhattan’s Lower East Side

This place is one of the most popular spots in the city, let alone the LES, to go for Chinese food so of course it got a shout out in Master of None.


8. Tacos Morelos

Where: N. 7th Street, Brooklyn

Taco Morelos is a famous Williamsburg food truck specializing in tasty tacos, so it makes sense that it’s where Dev ends up turning in his elusive hunt for the perfect taco.


And if these suggestions aren’t enough for you, Aziz and the show’s co-creator Alan Yang kept a list of all the places they actually ate at during the show, which they revealed during a Reddit AMA.

So next time you’re feeling indecisive about where to eat, there’s no need to worry: here are enough Aziz-approved restaurants to last you at least a year.