The 8 Topshop Summer Essentials

Mikela Warman
Mikela has been working in the fashion industry since 2012 with the likes of Marie Claire, Giorgio Armani, WWD and VERANDA Magazine. She passionately studies the industry of style and how it coalesces with various different aspects of life such as art, career and cultural influences. When she’s not daydreaming at Bergdorf’s, you can find Mikela at yoga, watching Netflix documentaries and taking long walks around Manhattan. As a founding member of the site, Mikela also currently heads the brand management of 20something.

Topshop, a popular British fashion retailer, has become one of the most coveted stores for both A-list celebrities as well as regular 20something style fiends like you and me.

Haven’t heard of it? Cara Delevingne, the Jenner sisters and Ariana Grande, just to name a few, have all been showing their love for the brand. Think of it as a higher-end Zara. The inventory is an all-encompassing, all-you-can-shop buffet of funky, classic, wild and subdued.

How can one store be perfect for work, music festivals and Easter brunch? We’re not sure how they do it, but we’re glad they do. Not to mention, everything is relatively inexpensive yet good quality.

See below for my top 8 must-haves for a Topshop summer. Don’t live in NYC? No problem. The site is free shipping, free returns—you have nothing to lose.


1. Scallop Wrap Bodycon Dress – $68

Check it out here.





2. Suede Button Front A-Line Skirt – $140

Check it out here.




3. Wrap Front Boucle Skirt – $68

Check it out here.


4. Striped Midi Slip Dress – $68

Check it out here.





5. Space Dye Boyfriend Jacket – $90

Check it out here.




6. Moto Square Neck Denim Pinafore – $68

Check it out here.





7. Lace Back Halterneck Top – $50

Check it out here.




8. Hilda Shearling Low Heeled Sandals by Unique – $240

Check it out here.





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