The 8 Things To Remember In Your 20s As Told By ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Nikki Beatrice
Nikki is a 22-year-old occupational therapy grad student who lives in Boston. After growing up listening to JLo, she lives by the song lyric "My appetite for loving, is now my hunger game"...which is why she has solely dedicated herself to loving pizza, and pizza only. Her Saturday nights consist of dance clubs, tequila shots, snapchat..and of course, pizza.
Ah, Grey’s Anatomy. Probably the only series on Netflix that I’m capable of watching 10 seasons of in 10 days (Yes Netflix, I AM still watching).


Somewhere between the love, heartbreak, betrayal and Shonda killing off your favorite characters, you’ve already decided to change your life path and become a doctor…even if you were an English major in college.

201511_1834_ibcai_smRegardless, the 12 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy have taught me a lot of memorable lessons to that I’ve learned to live by in my 20s:


1. “More tequila. More love. More anything. More is better.” – Meredith Grey


Meredith Grey introduced us to the world of tequila, and for that, we are thankful.


2. “I feel like I’m moving in slow motion. Like I’m moving in slow motion and everything around me is moving so fast.” – Izzie Stevens

We all know Izzie said this after the love of her life, Denny Duquette, died from a stroke after his heart surgery and her life felt ripped to shreds…but, whatever, I feel the same way, Izzie!

What’s up with having to go to college, graduate, get a job right away? It’s like I close my eyes and the next thing I know my middle school friends are knocked up and engaged. Can’t I take a day – maybe a year – to close my eyes, eat some pizza, and relax without having to worry about being a real person?


3. “If you want crappy things to stop happening to you, then stop accepting crap and demand something more.” – Cristina Yang

There comes a time in our life when we have to stand up for ourselves. Stop talking to that guy that treats you terribly. You walk right to your boss and DEMAND a raise for everything you bring to the table that isn’t being recognized. Stop taking everyone else’s crap.


4. “Being aware of your crap and actually overcoming your crap are two very different things” – Cristina Yang

You’re right, we don’t want to get fired. Thanks, Yang.



5. “Look, alone people don’t like to hear about together people, okay? Even if the alone people are alone by choice, it’s sort of mean. It’s sort of like bringing a six-pack to an AA meeting.” – Callie Torres

GIRL! You’re preaching to the choir. Even though Callie and Arizona called it quits on their marriage for a while, who knows what Shonda has up her sleeve for season 12. Not bringing any six-packs to the AA meetings anytime soon, Callie.


6. “I don’t know why we all hang on to something we know we’re better off letting go of. It’s like we’re scared to lose what we don’t even really have. Some of us say we’d rather have that something than absolutely nothing, But the truth is, to have it halfway is harder than not having it at all.”- Meredith Grey

Remember when Meredith was fighting for McDreamy’s love and there was an epic love triangle between them and Addison? Meredith and McDreamy worked it out in the end, but this doesn’t hold true for most of us. To all the people holding onto those relationships that you know aren’t working, and yet you’re clinging on to for dear life: I truly believe that sometimes, holding on to something hurts more than letting it go.


7. “I’m a human being. I make mistakes. I’m flawed. We all are.” – Derek Shepherd

You have no flaws, McDreamy. Not one.


But for the rest of us, it’s true. Everyone makes mistakes, and that’s part of human nature. As for forgiveness — well, that’s another topic of discussion.


8. “Change, we don’t like it. We fear it but we can’t stop it from coming. We either adapt to change or we get left behind. It hurts to grow, anybody who tells you it doesn’t is lying but here’s the truth, sometimes the more things change, the more they stay the same and sometimes, oh, sometimes change is good. Sometimes change is everything.” – Meredith Grey

Man, I wish Meredith gave the speech at my college commencement. Change is never easy, but it’s something we are forced to accept in life. It pushes us to grow into more mature “adults.” Whether it’s hard to accept or not, it’s bound to happen to us all in our 20s.


Grey’s Anatomy has given us plenty of tears, laughter, and more tears (seriously, Shonda, what happened to you to make you so trigger-happy?!), but above all, it’s given us plenty of wit and wisdom to get us by, and for that we forgive you for killing you-know-who, Shonda.