The 7 Songs You Have To Hear From HAIM’s New Album ‘Something To Tell You’

L.A. native sister trio, Haim, flourished in 2013 with their debut album, “Days Are Gone,” which embodied a nostalgic 60s and 70s feel. The retro-hipster style band consists of lead singer-guitarist Danielle Haim, bassist Este Haim and guitarist-keyboarder Alana Haim. Though they seemingly “came out of nowhere” and gained impressive success with their first album, in reality the three girls had been playing in a band together since around 2006.

Danielle, Este, and Alana toured their iconic “Days Are Gone” set seasons afters seasons, taking them a long awaited four years (!!!!!!) to deliver their glimmering second album. The anticipation for new music was strongly felt by fans and other admiring artists…and if you listen for yourself, you’ll discover these new tracks were well worth the wait.

The sister trio (h)aimed high on their sophomore album and absolutely delivered. The album itself embodies soft-rock, soul, and in true Haim fashion — beautiful rhythm and harmony. The sisters know each other’s musical strengths and play on them beautifully throughout the duration of the album. Este and Alana back up Danielle’s lead vocals, with choir-like harmonies, revealing their true understanding of each other’s place in the band.

Haim artistically embodies a strange, unusual mix of influences that unexpectedly blend together, making them the quirky trio fans have readily embraced. When listening you can find hints of Shania Twain, TLC, Fleetwood Mac and even Michael Jackson.

“Something to Tell You” is vulnerable and honest with its overarching theme of a frustrating, emotional breakup. It feels as though Danielle is finally “telling” that “something” directly to her past lover, through her passionate vocals. Though, with that being said, the album also lends itself to be very open-ended and all-encompassing, with it’s generalizing, simple lyrics. Originally I found this a bit off-putting, but after listening more, the album proves to possibly be even more relatable for fans also experiencing a love loss. Due to the lyric-form being, at times, slightly ambiguous and simple, it allows you as a listener the ability to mold your own experience of heartbreak, and find a similar connection to that of the Haim members.

If you listen to the songs from start to finish you’ll feel as if you experienced the rollercoaster of a breakup yourself. You’ll travel through the highs and lows of what heartache truly feels like — from the ill-stricken feeling of desperately wanting your ex back, reminiscing over the past, lingering frustration over his/her’s wrongdoings, having one night stands to get over him/her, finding the courage to leave an unhealthy situation, and overall the feeling of cold, heart wrenching loneliness.

It’s an impressive balancing act, the way Haim offers listeners incredible harmonies and soulful rhythm mixed with, in moments, strangely intentional“off” production (shout out to their producers/collaborators; Rostam Batmanglij and Ariel Rechtshaid) that ends up making the music and trio…all the more interesting and impressive. For example, listen to “Nothing’s Wrong” which begins with Danielle emotionally singing, “counting the hours, going through the motions it’s slipping away,” after the first two verses churn out and the upbeat chorus is sung, the song completely changes pace with a very unexpected bridge that is everything you could wish for in a bridge.

Danielle sings, “It’s obvious, be honest,” over and over again. This bridge takes you out of the song, and throws you right back in, giving the lyrics and emotion behind the song more perspective. Or give “Walking Away” a listen to hear incredible bass driven production, layered beneath Danielle’s sultry lead and Alana and Este’s beautiful backup vocals.

To experience the way Haim creatively possess energy, soul, and catchy beats, while maintaining the ability to express the unnerving push and pull of a heartbreak, and inspiring adventure that is the “road to independence”…listen to these standout tracks from “Something to Tell You.”

“Walking Away”


“Want You Back”


“Nothing’s Wrong”


“Something to Tell You”


“You Never Knew”


“Kept Me Crying”


“Night So Long”